MoM Elections: A Speech from Bianca Blishwick

Barnabella Cuffe here, reporter for the Daily Prophet, feeling blessed and beatific at the opportunity to sit in the front row during Bianca Blishwick’s speech this morning.

Murmurs of conversation crescendoed into rapturous applause when the sharply pointed toe of Blishwick’s chic gray boot met the wooden stage. She pulled out her wand, showing off its polished silver handle, and gave it a swish, creating a trail of blue and white sparks that followed her on her way to the podium. Smiling gracefully as the applause continued, Blishwick tucked her wand into the front pocket of her chic violet robes and raised her hands for silence. She began,

Witches and warlocks, I come to you today to celebrate. We are so fortunate to live in a country that allows its citizens to select the leader they see as most fit for the job. I am so proud to be a citizen of this great country. If I am elected Minister of Magic, I will do my utmost to make this country even greater than it is today.

The room burst into applause again. I wiped a tear from my cheek with my handkerchief. Blishwick continued,

Danger has haunted our children’s footsteps for far too long. Innocent children have been killed in the name of pure-blood superiority; magical youths have been beaten and bullied by Muggles across the world. All of this fanaticism about whose blood is purer and who is a danger to whom must stop. Until Muggle-borns can walk through the halls of their schools without being heckled and hexed, until magical children can stroll through the local village without being attacked and accosted, we cannot say our society has truly forgotten the differences between pure-blood and Muggle-born. We must be proactive, protective, and premeditative.

Her eyes, black pools of passion, scanned the crowd; the knuckles of her clenched fists were white as she clutched the sides of the podium. The flash of a photographer’s camera illuminated her face, and she continued,

If you elect me as your Minister of Magic, I will take measures to make sure all of your children are safe. You know the old saying: History repeats itself. Well, I’ve spent my entire adult life studying magical history. I can flip the pages back to where we went wrong, and I’m sorry to say it’s right at the foundation of our magical world. Education is the key to societal progression. Education is pivotal in the prevention of violence, but we have allowed barbarity to bombard the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry since its founding.

The room was silent. Bianca smiled and said,

Some savagery is to be expected of young witches and wizards, but no one should be at risk of being bludgeoned based on their blood-type. I propose that we construct an entirely new school for witches and wizards born to Muggle parents. Muggle- and wizard-born alike will be educated about their peers in mandatory classes; every wizard-born student will take Muggle Studies, and Muggle-born students will take classes on integrating into wizard society in addition to their History of Magic courses. Students of all blood types will come together in the work force after they’ve graduated, educated and unprejudiced. No one will have the opportunity to attack someone based on differences in blood-status before they’ve been properly educated. We will end the days of death at Hogwarts and bring a slew of educated, enlightened witches and wizards into the workforce to change this country like never before. My opponents have similar wishes, but history shows their urges to rush into societal integration may cause more harm than they know. If you want safe and sturdy progress in your Ministry, vote Blishwick on November 8.

Blishwick inclined her head, and the audience burst into applause. A chant of “Minister Blishwick” broke out as she waved and left the stage. Photographers, reporters, and supporters alike exited the auditorium to follow Blishwick out to her car. She didn’t take any questions, and she assured reporters that they would get their answers at the Q&A session.

This has been Barnabella Cuffe, Daily Prophet reporter, covering the Minister of Magic election. Make sure to hear what the other candidates have to say before you cast your ballot on November 8!


Madison Ford

I’m a native Texan currently living in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and our feisty dog Ellie. I’m a poet, a reader, and I host and produce MuggleNet’s mental health Harry Potter podcast, Beyond the Veil. I love rock climbing, hiking, and searching for seashells on Oregon beaches.