Harry Potter Film Concert Conductor Talks UK Tour; Plus, New International Tour Dates!

The enchanting Harry Potter Film Concert Series will soon be making its way to the UK. Show conductor Justin Freer, who is also the founder and president of CineConcerts, the organization that sets films to a live symphony orchestra, recently spoke to Pottermore about how thrilled he is to embark on this new leg:

It’s really exciting to come to London with this [tour] and then the rest of the UK. Now we can share this special experience with the UK audiences. Because of course, with J.K. Rowling and where it was filmed, and the background of the story itself, [parts of] the story are set in London itself.



Justin Freer, conductor, founder, and president of CineConcerts


Freer also expressed the depth of his admiration for Harry Potter composer John Williams.

I think that John Williams is one of the great geniuses of all music, not just film. He’s a monolithic giant in our craft, in our art-form, and he’s given us such memorable melodies. Between J.K.’s creations and John’s creations, what a wonderful marriage.

So far, the concert series has only been performing Sorcerer’s Stone, but Freer plans to eventually tour with all eight Harry Potter films. When asked what his favorite scene from the first film to perform is, Freer said,

I adore the Quidditch match. There’s just so much adventure, and soulful spirit, intrigue, suspense; there’s almost every emotion you can feel.

Since we last updated you, the Harry Potter Film Concert Series has added additional tour dates in Italy, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, the United States, Mexico, and Australia, extending until June 2017.

Showings of Chamber of Secrets begin in May, and Prisoner of Azkaban showings begin in June, with some overlap between each film’s dates. See the whole tour schedule at this link.

Is the Harry Potter Film Concert Series coming to a venue near you?

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