Sam Clemmett Describes “Cursed Child” Company as “Full of Love and Warmth”

For nearly six months now, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been delighting audiences in London, and this month, it won the Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Play.

Sam Clemmett, who plays fan-favorite Albus Potter, recently talked to Pottermore about his wonderful experience with the production so far. Watch it here:



The cast has now performed over 100 shows, but Sam says they still find ways to make it unique and interesting every time.

You do keep finding new little nuances on a daily basis that add to the performance, change the performance, and that makes it exciting for us. That’s why we do what we do.

And he seems to very much enjoy spending time with the people he works with, saying,

The theater company just gets stronger and stronger. I’ve never been in a company that’s so big and that’s full of so much love and warmth. John [Tiffany] has put a team of beautiful, beautiful people together. We love telling the story.

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Catherine Lai

I have been a fan of Harry since 2000, a fan of MuggleNet since 2005, and a MuggleNet team member since 2013. I believe in the power of stories to bring people together, and nothing does that quite like Harry Potter. I live in Toronto, Canada.