David Bradley to Star in “Doctor Who” Christmas Special!

Back in 2013, David Bradley starred in the Doctor Who special An Adventure in Space and Time, a biopic about the creation of the series. Bradley portrayed William Hartnell, the actor who first brought the eponymous character to life in 1963. In short, he was playing Hartnell playing the Doctor. Now, it seems Bradley will have the chance to take the next step – he’ll play the First Doctor himself in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special!

Though not much is known about the episode yet, reportedly the First Doctor will help the Twelfth Doctor save their home planet of Gallifrey by moving it to another dimension – or try to. The Twelfth Doctor has been played by Peter Capaldi since 2014, though Capaldi will be passing on the mantle of his Who role after this season. The Christmas special will be his last appearance in the show, which makes Bradley’s turn as the First Doctor all the more interesting.

Clearly, Bradley did such a stupendous job portraying Hartnell in An Adventure in Time and Space that the showrunners couldn’t imagine anyone else stepping in to tackle the iconic role of the First Doctor. Did you catch Bradley’s performance the first time around? Are you excited to see where he takes the role this time?

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Jessica J.

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