Five Wizarding World Experiences We Want in Virtual Reality

You may remember our review of the Fantastic Beasts virtual reality experience (you can view both reviews below, if you need a refresher!). In the game, viewers stepped into Newt Scamander’s magical case of beasts and enjoyed the experience of caring for the creatures, including feeding them! Recently, it was announced that the VR experience has won the 2017 People’s Voice Webby Award:

This exciting announcement got us thinking: what other wizarding world virtual reality experiences would we want to see?



The obvious experience that would be incredible to experience would of course be Hogwarts. Imagine walking through the Great Hall, the grounds, or even the four House common rooms in virtual reality. If this experience is similar to the Fantastic Beasts experience, there would be amazing details surrounding you, even from the ceiling! Perhaps there would even be room for some spellcasting and running into some familiar characters!


Hogwarts School via Pottermore



2. St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

Maybe it’s just because we didn’t get to see this magical hospital in the films, but it would be amazing to see the medical side of the wizarding world in virtual reality. From the rich description in the book, there’s a possibility we could see such floors as the “Dangerous” Dai Llewellyn Ward (for creature-induced injuries, including bites, stings, and the like), the Magical Bugs ward (dragon pox! Vanishing sickness! Probably that spattergroit thing the portrait thinks Ron’s freckles are a sign of!), and probably much more (I bet the visitors’ tearoom is nice too).




3. Magical Congress of the United States

Since the first virtual reality was rooted in Fantastic Beasts, it would seem obvious that another location from that film could be the next in VR. What better location than the incredibly designed MACUSA? From the grand staircase through the front doors of the Woolworth Building to Tina’s small office, to the Pentagram Room where President Picquery meets with the International Confederation of Wizards, the details of this magical locale would be incredible to study in detail!




4. Ministry of Magic

If we included MACUSA, it seems only natural that we include the British seat of magical government as well. This one could be fun with a changing option, moving from the early days before Voldemort’s accession to power and after the Ministry fell. Different levels could include locations not seen in the films, including the Auror office and perhaps even Arthur Weasley’s office!




5. Diagon Alley

What could be more magical than wandering down the wizard shopping street? Of course, some have this opportunity at Universal Orlando, but what about those who can’t make it to the park? Simple: virtual reality! This medium would also allow for more exploration in certain shops, as well as some alone time to look at the details without having to fight the inevitable crowds at the park.




If you’re wondering what it was like to experience Newt’s case in VR, watch our video below:



What wizarding locations would you like to experience in virtual reality? Let us know below!

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