The Three Broomsticks Wins Theme Park Insider Award Second Year in a Row!

Congratulations to the Three Broomsticks restaurant at Universal Studios Hollywood! For the second year running, it has been declared Best Counter Service Restaurant by the Theme Park Insider Awards.

Theme Park Insider announces its awards annually for favorite theme park hotels, restaurants, and attractions based on the highest average reader rating and a minimum number of ratings overall.

The Three Broomsticks wasn’t the first Wizarding World restaurant to take home the prize either. In 2015, after the first year of the Wizarding World’s expansion at Universal Orlando, the Leaky Cauldron won the same award, while the Hogwarts Express won Best New Family Attraction.

You can check out this year’s full list of winners here.

Haven’t had a chance to check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s delicious food yet? Or craving another trip to the Leaky Cauldron? Why not join us at MuggleNet Live! 2017: Nineteen Years Later on September 1 at Universal Orlando, where we will have access to Diagon Alley, the Hogwarts Express, and a buffet-style dinner service, and we’ll be joined by a bunch of special guests!

Catherine Lai

I have been a fan of Harry since 2000, a fan of MuggleNet since 2005, and a MuggleNet team member since 2013. I believe in the power of stories to bring people together, and nothing does that quite like Harry Potter. I live in Toronto, Canada.