Carmen Ejogo Says We’ll See “Parisian Version” of Seraphina in “Crimes of Grindelwald”

Carmen Ejogo, who plays President Seraphina Picquery in the Fantastic Beasts films, recently sat down for a quick interview with Collider, in which she talked about what to expect from her character in the next movie.

Ejogo says her shooting schedule with Fantastic Beasts is very “in and out,” but she loves being a part of the franchise.

It’s always a long shoot on these films, so it’s been a fair bit of back and forth. I’m just so excited to be a part of the ongoing sequels… It’s a great franchise.

When asked how prominent Seraphina’s role is in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, she admits that we’ll be seeing less of her this time, which is not surprising given how many other characters we know will be on screen.

In this one, maybe not so much [of Seraphina], but Seraphina is the president of [MACUSA], so whenever we return to the US, I would imagine we get more of Seraphina. But this film mostly takes place in Paris, so we get to see a sort of Parisian version of her.

We wonder what will bring Seraphina to Paris! And it sounds like there will be more MACUSA to look forward to in future films as well.

Ejogo is also starring alongside Denzel Washington and fellow Fantastic Beasts cast member Colin Farrell in the recently released Roman J. Israel, Esq. She plays Maya Alston, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union who forms a mentor–pupil relationship with the idealistic and morally righteous title character.

Director Dan Gilroy felt strongly that she was the right person for the role, and Ejogo also felt a strong connection to the character.

In this case, there was something about Maya – there was something in her gut that was living in mine too… I think it’s the fact that she is so deeply and intensely motivated in her life to be connected to others and to find that commonality. The thing that really pulls us all together is what drives me as an artist… and I think that’s how Maya operates too.

You can watch the interview below.


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