• stephforeigncountry

    This is AMAZING. I cannot wait. Rumour has it Leta was once close to Newt, but now engaged to Theseus? I adore Callum Turner, and think there’s lots of potential for good drama here. Jude Law looks great too! Glad to see Credence survived and got a decent haircut. Are we meant to guess Maledictus is a werewolf?

    • I really hope she’s not a werewolf, it’s kinda been-there-done-that with Lupin.

      • Katy

        Yeah, I think we would have heard the term Maledictus in Potter if it applied to werewolves. I love learning about new types of magic and magical maladies!

    • Iain Walker

      “Are we meant to guess Maledictus is a werewolf?”

      Almost certainly not. The wording “destines her ultimately to transform into a beast” suggests something different from lycanthropy, i.e., a long-term, irreversible transformation, rather than regular, reversible ones. Also, lycanthropy is well-established in the Potterverse, so it wouldn’t make much sense to be so coy about it. We’re looking at something new here.

  • First takeaways:

    1) The title and title card look weird, because it seems like “Fantastic Beasts” and “Crimes of G” have nothing to do with each other. But I do like the three Hallows showing up as the I O A in the title.

    2) Leta and Theseus makes me change my theory for the rest of the movies about Newt being her babydaddy, but everything else I’ve theorized about her upcoming Lestrange son still stands.

    3) Excuse me, I’m gonna begin hiking up the hill I’ll be dying on for the next eight years. DUMBLEDORE’S HAIR AND BEARD ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AUBURN!!! As Zack once said to Cody on the Disney Channel, “Honey, you missed auburn big-time.”

    4) Johnny Depp is still the worst.

    5) Am I the only one kinda bothered by the fact that the poster has four very cuddly-looking guy-girl couples sitting together, while DD and GG stand all by their lonesomes at either end?

    • Andrew Desmier

      No5…Yes you are.

    • No Name

      I noticed that as well. I am sure it will unfold in the story line….

    • Jane Bloggs

      regarding #5, well for one thing we’re not supposed to see Dumbledore/Grindewald as a couple (for one JKR said Grindewald didn’t reciprocated, and for another things ended pretty final when teen Grindewald tried to curse Albus’ brother, Ariana Dumbledore died as a result of the fight and Grindewald true intentions were revealed so he fled.)
      so them ‘DD and GG stand all by their lonesomes at either end’ is how it’s supposed to be because they broke things off decades ago and now Grindewald is trying for world domination/subjugation of muggles & Dumbledore is rightfully trying to stop him.

      also while Credence is sitting by a girl it doesn’t necessary mean they’ll be a couple- if anything I’m getting the feeling that it might end up she develops feelings for Credence but Credence doesn’t feel the same.

      but i agree on everything else.

  • Am I the only one who first read “Grimes of Grindelwald”? Or does no one else watch too much “The Walking Dead”? Hahaha.

    • Iain Walker

      Dumbledore obviously defeats him with a Scourgify, then.

  • Lisa

    Meh, a pretty unimaginative title. It’s kind of like calling a HP book “Harry Potter and the Evilness of Voldemort” or “Harry Potter and the Fight against Voldemort”.