Evanna Lynch Talks “Disco Pigs” and Future Plans

Evanna Lynch recently gave an excellent performance in Disco Pigs at the Irish Repertory Theater Off-Broadway in New York City. In an interview with BroadwayWorld, Lynch discussed the play, which tells the story of two inseparable friends, and its message for audiences.

Lynch explained how her character, Runt, is affected by her best friend, Pig.

Ultimately, Pig’s (romantic) feelings force her to begin to see her own identity – independent of him. Their relationship has been very safe but is limiting, and Runt realizes that she can no longer be held back.

Lynch then spoke about the messages she hoped audiences took away from the show:

I hope audiences will feel compassion for their own best friends and begin to celebrate what makes each one of us different. I also hope it alleviates some of the pain that comes from having friendships end. With the natural flow of life, it’s inevitable and something that we all experience. We can be close for a time period with certain friends, but paths and people change – it is not only normal but [also] necessary for growing into the human beings that we are meant to become.

Lynch also provided advice from her teenage self to her character, proving yet again that she has the kindest soul.

I would try to be her friend. I think she could greatly benefit from having girlfriends and being exposed to positive female energy. That kindness and support that you receive from your girlfriends makes all of the difference, in terms of building your network and receiving the strength that comes from it.

When asked about her future plans, Lynch said, “I would love the chance to work more on television and have the opportunity to grow with a character over several seasons.” We know a character we’d love to see her play on television for multiple seasons. Evanna, we’re still waiting for that Harry Potter television show!

Did you get a chance to see Disco Pigs before it closed? What television show would you like to see Evanna Lynch in on the small screen?

Gretchen Roesch

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