Matthew Lewis Narrates Rugby League Documentary “As Good As It Gets?”

Fans of Matthew Lewis (and anyone who follows him on Twitter) will know that the actor is nothing short of a Leeds Rhinos superfan.



We can therefore only imagine his eagerness to be involved with As Good As It Gets?, a documentary all about the history and success of his favorite Rugby League team!



Featuring interviews with former players, Matthew narrates the feature-length documentary, which has been described as the “story of sacrifice, glory and the agonising pursuit of a legacy” of his hometown team. Despite being all about rugby, director Lee Hicken reassured the City Talking that the documentary isn’t just for the sport’s biggest fans but for anyone who enjoys stories of adversity and overcoming challenges as well:

This is not just a film about Rugby League for Rugby League fans. It is a story about a group of individuals who were confronted with incredible challenges and achieved incredible things. We can’t wait to share this film, and the untold stories of these brilliant individuals, with new audiences from around the world.

As Good As It Gets? premieres at the Leeds International Film Festival on April 30 and will be available on Amazon Prime in early May. Check out the trailer below!



Will you be streaming As Good As It Gets? when it’s released in May?

Lucy O'Shea

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