How to Beat Boggart Voldemort in “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery”

In Year 3, Chapter 9 of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, after you’ve had your fill of sandwiches with a friend in the Great Hall, you might find yourself constantly losing in a duel with Voldemort (well, a boggart version of Voldemort). If you’re ready for some tips on fighting Voldemort, we’re here to help, thanks to this article from Game Rant.



First of all, the duel will be the same structure as others (shown above): You and Voldemort both choose a stance at the beginning of each round to determine who gets to move. Whoever chooses the winning stance will get the turn. Aggressive stances beat Sneaky stances, Sneaky stances beat Defensive stances, and Defensive stances beat Aggressive stances.

During this duel, Voldemort will mostly use stamina-draining spells, which will drain your character over several rounds. In order to combat this, you will need to choose the Defensive stance and cast healing spells on yourself. Earlier in the duel, it makes sense to use spells that heal over time, but later in the duel, when your stamina is low, you may want faster-acting spells to heal quickly.

Once you are healed and off the defensive, take an Aggressive stance against Voldemort and cast Incendio. This spell has the greatest chance of dealing large amounts of damage over time. If you can combine your healing with damaging Voldemort, you will be most likely to win the duel and defeat him.

Did these tips help? How many times did you have to duel boggart Voldemort (Boggdemort? No?) before defeating him? Let us know in the comments!

Gretchen Roesch

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