Jim Broadbent’s New Graphic Novel, “Dull Margaret”, to Be Released This Month!

As previously reported, Jim Broadbent (Horace Slughorn), is more than just a talented actor – he’s now an author! His graphic novel, Dull Margaret, which explores the magical, dark, and lonely life of a Flemish Folklore figure, is released later this month.

In an interview with the Guardian, Broadbent revealed that he originally intended for Dull Margaret to be a film, starring himself in the role of Margaret. However, lack of funding for the project led Broadbent to turn his screenplay into a graphic novel, working in collaboration with Welsh cartoonist Dix, with whom he felt he “shared a sense of humour.” In a process that will be familiar to many artists and freelancers, Broadbent and Dix have only met in person four times, collaborating instead through early-morning emails to accommodate work life and other projects.

Inspired by the Flemish folklore figure Dulle Griet, who is featured in a painting by Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel, Dull Margaret explores what life is like for Margaret outside of her appearance in the painting. Despite Margaret’s bad behavior and poor choices throughout the graphic novel, Broadbent emphasized his love for the character and the struggles she faces:

I love her. I have total sympathy for her and enjoy her struggle. In a heightened way, she’s looking for what we all want: comfort, a reasonable standard of living and love. She gets robbed and abused and humiliated, and that sets her on a journey to take back control.


Artwork from “Dull Margaret”, by Jim Broadbent and Dix


In folklore, Margaret is often given witch-like characteristics and depicted with a broomstick or using severed hands in her potions, which we’re sure Professor Slughorn wouldn’t allow in his classroom! It also seems that magic isn’t the only similarity that Dull Margaret shares with Harry Potter, since much like Lord Voldemort, Dix’s original drawings of Margaret had no nose! Thankfully, Margaret was given a nose later on in the process and no longer bears resemblance to the Dark Lord.

She was beginning to look a bit aquatic, so we thought later on we’d give her a nose – which was a nice thing to do.

We can’t wait to dive into this dark yet magical folklore adaption! Dull Margaret is published by Fantagraphics and will be released on July 18. You can preorder the graphic novel here.

What do you think about Jim Broadbent’s newest artistic venture? Will you be purchasing Dull Margaret?

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