Tom Felton Talks New Show “Origin”, Working with Natalia Tena Again, and Lack of YouTube Knowledge

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, which means exclusive information is coming out about new shows and movies, and we’re ready to cover it all. Tom Felton sat down with Clevver News to talk about his new YouTube Originals show, Origin. The first trailer for the show was released at Comic-Con, and it looks pretty incredible. The sci-fi thriller is about a group of travelers headed to colonize a new planet when they are stranded on their spaceship. Along with Felton, Origin stars newcomer Sen Mitsuji, who also appeared in this interview, and Potter alumna Natalia Tena (Nymphadora Tonks).

In the interview with Clevver News, Felton described the show as “brilliant, mate.” The interviewer asked Felton and Mitsuji about the plot synopsis, which says “one of the passengers is far from who they claim to be.” Felton whistled and smiled slightly, as Mitsuji answered, “Yeah, that’s a plot twist we can’t reveal, really.” The interviewers immediately accused Tom of being the villain, to which he replied, “Me?! Why would you say that? No, that’s the beauty of it. Up to the ninth episode, I don’t think any of us actually knew who was not to be trusted and who was [to be] trusted.” 

“The beauty of it is that everyone is running from something,” said Mitsuji. He explained that the show reveals each character’s backstory episode by episode, so the audience is learning about who the characters are and why they chose to leave Earth for this mission.

Origin is a YouTube show, so Tom was asked about his favorite YouTube channels and he had the most precious answer.

I’m still a slightly old-school YouTuber, where I just use it to look at music videos and how to do stuff. My niece is big into the whole subscribing to the various – I don’t know what it is – blogs? I sound like an old man, don’t I? I’m a proper grandpa over here.

The interviewer tried to describe the “In My Feelings” challenge to him, which resulted in Tom doing an adorable dance. Never change, Tom.

Tom was asked what it was like to work with Tena again, though the interviewer admitted he couldn’t remember if they actually shared any scenes in the Potter movies. Tom confirmed that they never saw each other during Potter filming.

We never saw each other at the studios ever, I don’t think, because obviously, Hogwarts was separate from where she was doing most of her acting. But we hung out a lot at things like this [SDCC]… So we bonded a lot through that. And I didn’t actually know that Nat was doing [Origin] until we landed in South Africa. We had no idea who the other cast [members] were… So it was very nice to have a familiar face.

The interview also showed Tom being very generous to the interviewers. Whenever there was a pause as the interviewers considered the next question, Tom laughed and said, “My favorite bit,” trying to fill the silence, and complimented the interviewers on their work, saying, “I just know I’d be terrible. I think it’s a really hard job.”

We’re thrilled that Tom is appearing in a new show, and Origin sounds intriguing and exciting. Check out the full interview here, and stay tuned for more news from San Diego Comic-Con on MuggleNet!

Gretchen Roesch

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