MinaLima Map Reveals “Crimes of Grindelwald” Locations

We’ve been treated to a plethora of hints about the upcoming Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald film, like this new footage about the beasts that will be featured in the movie. Now we have a pretty good idea of the locations that will be featured in the film, due to the map designed by MinaLima and just revealed on Instagram.



The larger map includes the location and date (Paris, 1927) and indicates distinct locations on the map that will be visited in the movie. While the larger map is somewhat challenging to read, MinaLima released a second image showing each location in more detail.



The center of this image reads, “A practical map of the wizarding world in Paris.” The locations are listed as such:

  1. Iconic Parisian Landscape
  2. Nicolas Flamel’s Neighborhood
  3. Montmartre Hidden Place
  4. Girardon Street, Circus Arcanus
  5. Furstenberg Square, Entrance to the Ministry of Magic
  6. Alexander III Bridge, Zouwu Bridge
  7. Père Lachaise Cemetery
  8. Haussmann Boulevard, The Grand Shops of Paris

These locations reveal a lot about where the movie will take us. We now know we will definitely be visiting Nicolas Flamel at his home, so perhaps that is the safe house Dumbledore recommended to Newt. We see a beautiful image of the zouwu on what’s been called its bridge. Maybe Newt and his friends will have to get around this zouwu to cross the bridge?

A new location to us is the Père Lachaise Cemetery. This cemetery is the largest in Paris, and this location makes sense because it is probably where the scene of Newt and Theseus performing magic seen in the first teaser trailer takes place. We also now know the exact locations of the entrance to the French Ministry of Magic and the Circus Arcanus, and number 3 on the map could mean that the underground location seen in the trailer is beneath Montmartre.

What do you think of this new information? Are you excited about where this movie will take us?

Gretchen Roesch

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