My Five Favorite Parts of “Crimes of Grindelwald”



I left the theater after seeing Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald with my head spinning and my heart full of emotions. During the movie, I laughed, I felt heart-warmed, and most often, I was gripped with suspense. These were my five favorite parts:


1. Being Back at Hogwarts

I had always wondered what Dumbledore had been like as a teacher, and the movie confirmed my belief that he was a practical and hands-on professor who challenged his students while still being supportive. In the Harry Potter series, Dumbledore is always a bit removed from his students, so I loved to see how much attention and care he gave them and the way they respected and looked up to him.



Leta’s flashback reminded me of another memory that we’ve seen of a Slytherin social outcast and their cross-House friend: Severus and Lily. I loved observing the sweet relationship between gentle, geeky Newt and moody, guilt-stricken Leta. I couldn’t help but see the parallels of how Leta, just like Snape, turns away from darkness in order to help the people she loves. Also, A+ on the casting for young Newt and Leta!


2. Newt’s Love for Tina

In Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, there was clearly some romantic interest between Newt and Tina, but neither one of them openly admitted their feelings toward the other. In Crimes of Grindelwald, Newt doesn’t even attempt to pretend he’s not head over heels for Tina. I saw this as a huge sign of character development for Newt. I could imagine that he’s the kind of person who in past relationships has let his social discomfort get in the way of acting on or expressing his feelings. In this movie, however, Newt proves that he is willing to put Tina first, even if it means making some sacrifices. Despite his travel ban, he immediately decides to go to France when he learns Tina is there, going on a quest not for a fantastic beast, but for the woman he loves.




3. Nicolas Flamel

I had never really thought about Nicolas Flamel much when reading the Harry Potter series, and I’d certainly never considered him a comedic character. Yet he ended up being one of my favorite new characters in Crimes of Grindelwald. I could immediately see why he and Dumbledore were besties: They have the same aura of calm amusement combined with a surprising energy for their age. I loved laughing at Jacob struggling to navigate the rules of conduct for interacting with a five-hundred-year-old man, and who can keep a straight face while watching Flamel run?




4. Grindelwald’s Rally

A dark side of me really loved watching Grindelwald, the master manipulator, at work. The call to his rally, hundreds of black sheets draped over the buildings of Paris, took my breath away and intrigued me. Before watching the movie, I wasn’t quite sure how Grindelwald could be so successful at charming so many wizards. But when Grindelwald showed visions of World War II and told his followers that wizards needed to take over to prevent it, I suddenly understood how compelling his argument could be. I watched with morbid fascination as he lured the Aurors into his midst, staging a scene that would turn the crowd firmly against the Ministry. I didn’t want to see it, but I couldn’t not watch.




5. Baby Nifflers

Last, but certainly not least, I was thrilled to see Nifflers come back with such an important role in this movie. I squealed slightly at seeing the babies on the loose around the house and felt triumphant when our old friend bested Grindelwald by stealing the blood bond. Nifflers to the rescue!




My feelings about some parts of Crimes of Grindelwald are complicated, but I can’t deny that I enjoyed watching every minute of it! What were some of your favorite parts?

Sophia Jenkins

My name is Sophia and I’m a Hufflepuff living with my pet pig in New York City. On a daily basis I like to channel my inner Luna Lovegood by reading Harry Potter analysis books (upside down, of course) while wearing my large collection of miniature food earrings. When my best friends get tired of me bringing every conversation back to Harry Potter I sit down at my computer to share my obsession with the readers of MuggleNet.