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I listen to the Harry Potter soundtracks nearly religiously. I have a carefully curated Spotify playlist that features music from all eight Potter films (including “O Children,” which I had to hunt down by itself), Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and the Fantastic Beasts films. I listen to them so much, “Christmas at Hogwarts” was the second-most played track on my Spotify in 2018.

That being said, I was absolutely blown away by the listening experience of a new collection focusing on the music that famed film composer John Williams wrote for the first three films. Harry Potter: The John Williams Soundtrack Collection is a beautiful and illuminating collection of music that will make you feel like you’re listening to the soundtracks for the very first time.



The collection came in a much smaller box than I was expecting for something this unique and special. Unfortunately, as I unwrapped my collection, I noticed one of the CD cases was broken – flashbacks to the late ’90s and early ’00s ensued, when broken CD cases were the norm. I would have hoped something this limited and special would have come in a case that was more sturdy and perhaps more display worthy.

But I soon forgot my slight disappointment in my joy over what was inside. Before even popping one of the CDs into the player, I took a look at the extensive liner notes. The booklet that covers all seven CDs lists the basic history of the music production and notes from directors Chris Columbus and Alfonso Cuarón, praising Williams’s music. It also lists the tracks and running time for each CD.



Starting with Sorcerer’s Stone, I continued reading the liner notes, which offered a treasure trove of information. They detailed not only Williams’s expansive career up to his work on the Potter films but also what he was working on at the same time and his process in writing this music. Williams is a busy man, and it was awe-inspiring to me to read about just how much work he put into these films among touring, writing for other films and groups, and more. The liner notes also isolate the major themes and leitmotifs – the repeated melodies you hear woven throughout that are associated with different characters, moments, or ideas. Williams is the master of motifs, blending in snatches of melodies where you expect them and where you don’t. For example, I had never noticed before that when Hagrid tells Harry he’s a wizard, a small sample of the “Hogwarts Forever!” theme plays, tying that moment to the moment Harry arrives at the castle. Similar motifs are played when Harry enters the Burrow for the first time, signifying that he will find this place just as much a home as Hogwarts. There are explanations and details for every motif in each soundtrack, where it appears, and what it is associated with. The notes even discuss what motifs are brought up in all three films, including the iconic “Hedwig’s Theme” motif.

The collection also includes new tracks, never released, that are absolutely gorgeous and further explore the most beloved themes or become new favorites (looking at you, “Hogsmeade Candy Box,” “A Winter’s Spell,” and “Hogwarts Forever [Vocal Version],” for which my jaw practically hit the floor in joy). Additionally, the collection includes new mixes and early recordings used in trailers and teasers and a special “Children’s Suite for Orchestra” arranged and conducted in 2001 and never released before. This material alone is worth the price!

With crystal-clear audio, the collection allowed me to hear all sorts of new things I hadn’t before on other released versions of these soundtracks. It really allows you to hear, understand, explore, and analyze the music in a way you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Things you can’t even hear in the movie can finally be focused on and enjoyed. Overall, the listening experience definitely cemented my love for the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack, but it really illuminated things in the Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets scores as well.

You don’t want to miss out on this collection. Only 5,000 units were made, so it is extremely limited and only available from La-La Land Records.


La-La Land Records Press Release - Harry Potter: The John Williams Soundtrack Collection






 Available to order from


 Burbank, CA –  La-La Land Records proudly presents, in association with Warner Bros. Entertainment and Warner Music Group, HARRY POTTER – THE JOHN WILLIAMS SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION, a limited edition, 7-CD box set containing Academy Award-Winning composer John Williams’ newly remastered, restored and expanded scores for the first three films in the HARRY POTTER series: HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE (2001), HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS (2002) and HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN (2004). This deluxe presentation is composer approved and contains a bounty of previously unreleased music, featuring a total running time of just under eight hours (7:57)!

Housed in an attractive hardcover slipcase, this limited edition release of 5000 units contains the following:


- A 3-CD SET of the Oscar-nominated HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE score, remastered and expanded, with the film score presented across Discs One and Two and special Bonus Content from SORCERER’S STONE on Disc Three, including the first-ever recorded presentation of the complete “Children’s Suite for Orchestra” that the composer arranged and conducted in 2001. Recorded during the first film’s scoring sessions, only half of its content was integrated into the 2001 soundtrack release.

The 3-CD jewel case also contains a 36-page booklet chronicling the production of the score in great detail, featuring many quotes from the composer, the musicians and behind-the-scenes artists.

- A 2-CD SET of the HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS score, remastered and expanded, with a 24-page booklet chronicling the production of the score, with quotes from the composer, musicians and other artists.

- A 2-CD SET of the Oscar-nominated HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN score, remastered and expanded, also with a 24-page booklet chronicling the production of the score, with quotes from the composer, musicians and other artists.

- AN ADDITIONAL 44-PAGE BOOKLET, housed within the slipcase, featuring general music information and track listings for all three scores.

Produced, assembled and mastered by Mike Matessino, all three scores were fully remastered from the original 5.1 and stereo mixes by Simon Rhodes (SORCERER’S STONE & CHAMBER OF SECRETS) and Shawn Murphy (PRISONER OF AZKABAN). For SORCERER’S STONE, the original analog master tapes were newly transferred at high resolution and the score was meticulously re-edited and output from the first-generation material for maximum quality.

The exclusive, in-depth liner notes are written by Mike Matessino and the release’s wizard-worthy art design is by Jim Titus.

Limited to 5000 units, HARRY POTTER – THE JOHN WILLIAMS SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION is a joyous film music release for the ages! It will be available for order from starting November 27, 2018 (12 noon pst) and the retail price is $99.98





  1. The Prologue – Privet Drive
  2. Visit to the Zoo
  3. Don’t Burn My Letter
  4. Letters From Hogwarts
  5. Harry’s Wish and Hagrid’s Entrance
  6. You’re a Wizard, Harry
  7. Diagon Alley and The Gringotts Vault [Extended Version]
  8. Harry Gets His Wand
  9. Hagrid’s Flashback
  10. Platform Nine and Three Quarters
  11. Chocolate Frog Escapes
  12. The Journey to Hogwarts
  13. Through the Doors
  14. House Selection
  15. Entry Into the Great Hall and The Banquet
  16. Lonely First Night
  17. The Daily Prophet
  18. Mr. Longbottom Flies
  19. The Moving Stairs
  20. Introduction to Quidditch
  21. Hermione’s Feather
  22. Fighting the Troll
  23. Owl Delivers Nimbus 2000
  24. The Quidditch Match

Disc 1 Total Time:     65:25


THE FILM SCORE [continued]

  1. Hagrid’s Christmas Tree
  2. Cast a Christmas Spell
  3. Christmas Morning and The Invisibility Cloak
  4. The Mirror of Erised and A Change of Season
  5. Hermione’s Reading
  6. The Norwegian Ridgeback
  7. Filch’s Fond Remembrance
  8. The Dark Forest
  9. The Stone
  10. Running to McGonagall
  11. Neville Stiffens
  12. Fluffy’s Harp Lullaby
  13. In the Devil’s Snare
  14. The Flying Keys
  15. The Chess Game [Extended Version]
  16. The Face of Voldemort
  17. Love, Harry
  18. Gryffindor Wins the House Cup
  19. Leaving Hogwarts
  20. Harry’s Wondrous World [Extended Version]
  21. Hedwig’s Theme

Disc 2 Total Time:     69:05

Total Score Time:     2:14:30



  1. Prologue (Hedwig’s Flight)
  2. Hogwarts Forever
  3. Voldemort
  4. Nimbus 2000
  5. Fluffy’s Harp
  6. Quidditch
  7. Family Portrait
  8. Diagon Alley
  9. Harry’s Wondrous World


  1. Hagrid’s Flute
  2. The Leaky Cauldron
  3. Hedwig’s Theme for Harp
  4. Teaser
  5. Hogwarts Forever [Vocal Version]
  6. Logo
  7. Owl’s Flight
  8. Television Commercial
  9. Trailer

Disc 3 Total Time:     37:37

Three-Disc Total Time:     2:52:07




  1. Prologue: Book II
  2. Vernon Gathers Family / Enter Dobby
  3. Dobby Warns Harry
  4. The Escape From the Dursleys
  5. Magical Household And Letters From Hogwarts
  6. Borgin and Burkes
  7. Knockturn Alley
  8. Flourish and Blotts / Harry Meets Lucius Malfoy
  9. The Train Station and The Flying Car
  10. Whomping Willow and The Car Escapes
  11. Filch’s Warning and Boys Receive Detention
  12. Introducing Colin / Errol Delivers Mail
  13. Gilderoy Lockhart
  14. Cornish Pixies
  15. Eat Slugs
  16. Hermione and Hagrid
  17. The Writing on the Wall
  18. Dumbledore’s Caution
  19. The Library and Transformation Class
  20. Quidditch, Second Year
  21. Petrified Colin
  22. Moaning Myrtle Appears
  23. The Dueling Club [Extended Version]
  24. Harry Is a Parselmouth
  25. Petrified Justin
  26. Harry Meets Fawkes
  27. Christmas Break
  28. Cakes for Crabbe and Goyle / Polyjuice Potion
  29. Potion Wears Off / The Diary

Disc 4 Total Time:     76:11


THE FILM SCORE  [continued]

  1. Meeting Tom Riddle [Extended Version]
  2. Ransacked Dormitory and Petrified Hermione
  3. Dad’s Cloak and Hagrid’s Arrest
  4. Follow the Spiders
  5. Meeting Aragog
  6. The Spiders Attack
  7. Car Drives Off / It’s a Basilisk
  8. Ginny Gets Snatched
  9. Myrtle’s Tale
  10. The Chamber Opens and The Search for Ginny
  11. Dueling the Basilisk
  12. Fawkes Heals Harry
  13. Dumbledore and Harry
  14. Lucius Returns / Dobby Is Freed
  15. Reunion of Friends


  1. Harry’s Wondrous World
  2. Fawkes the Phoenix
  3. The Chamber of Secrets

Total Score Time:     2:16:30


  1. Dobby the House Elf
  2. Prologue: Book II [Alternate]
  3. Filch’s Warning [Alternate]
  4. Introducing Colin [Alternate]
  5. Transformation Class [Alternate Segment]
  6. Petrified Colin [Alternate]
  7. Christmas Break [Short Version]
  8. Follow the Spiders [Alternate]
  9. Car Drives Off [Alternate Segment]
  10. Fawkes Heals Harry [Alternate]
  11. Television Commercial No. 1
  12. Television Commercial No. 2
  13. Television Commercial No. 3

Disc 5 Total Time:     76:53

Two-Disc Total Time:     2:33:04




  1. Lumos! (Hedwig’s Theme) [Film Version]
  2. Aunt Marge’s Waltz
  3. Parents’ Portrait and The Empty Playground
  4. The Knight Bus [Extended Version]
  5. Monster Book and Discussing Black
  6. Apparition on the Train [Film Version]
  7. Double Trouble
  8. Trouble Takes Many Forms
  9. Rainy Nights, Dementors and Birds
  10. The Courtyard and Sir Cadogan
  11. The Hippogriff Lesson
  12. Befriending the Hippogriff
  13. Buckbeak’s Flight
  14. The Grim / The Newspaper
  15. The Boggarts
  16. On the Bridge – Remembering Mother
  17. The Portrait Gallery
  18. The Big Doors and The Great Hall Ceiling
  19. Page 394 and Quidditch, Third Year
  20. A Walk in the Woods and Bird’s Flight
  21. The Snowball Fight
  22. The Three Broomsticks
  23. Summoning the Patronus
  24. Buckbeak’s Fate and The Marauder’s Map
  25. About Pettigrew / The Crystal Ball
  26. The Executioner
  27. The Walk to Buckbeak
  28. The Sentence
  29. Chasing Scabbers
  30. The Whomping Willow
  31. Confrontation in the Shrieking Shack
  32. Sirius and Harry
  33. The Werewolf Scene

Disc 6 Total Time:     76:46


THE FILM SCORE [continued]

  1. The Dementors Converge [Film Version]
  2. Time Past / Saving Buckbeak
  3. Lupin’s Transformation
  4. Buckbeak Saves the Day / Watching the Past
  5. The Rescue of Sirius
  6. Sirius Says Goodbye / Turning Time Back
  7. Lupin’s Departure
  8. The Firebolt and End Credits Suite

Total Score Time:     1:47:00


  1. The Wizards’ Consort
  2. Hogsmeade Candy Box
  3. A Winter’s Spell


  1. Lumos! (Hedwig’s Theme)
  2. Aunt Marge’s Waltz [Alternate]
  3. The Knight Bus [Alternate]
  4. Apparition on the Train
  5. More Grim and Boggarts
  6. Quidditch, Third Year
  7. Window to the Past
  8. Saving Buckbeak [Alternate Segment]
  9. Lupin’s Transformation [Alternate]
  10. Watching the Past [Alternate]
  11. The Dementors Circle
  12. The Patronus Light
  13. The Patronus Power
  14. The Dementors Converge
  15. The Firebolt [Alternate]
  16. Teaser
  17. Trailer

Disc 7 Total Time:     75:20

Two-Disc Total Time:     2:31:56

Seven-Disc Total Time:     7:57:17

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