Magical March Madness Round 2: Which Pair of Wizarding World Pals Would You Bring on an Adventure?

The results are in for the first round of this year’s Magical March Madness!

Last week, you voted for which pair of friends you would bring on a whirlwind adventure in the wizarding world. Just like the NCAA March Madness tournament, some friendships didn’t make it through to the next round. Although it’s sad to see them go, we are one step closer to discovering which friendship will win the title of Best Adventure Friend-ship!



Keep reading to find out which friendships made it to Round 2 and who will battle it out this week for the win! When you’ve made your decision, be sure to cast your vote.

Again, remember to check back often to see who makes it through to the next round and ultimately wins the title of Best Adventure Friend-ship!


1. Harry & Hermione vs. Ginny & Hermione

It’s no surprise that the majority of voters wanted the “brightest witch of her age” to accompany them on an adventure. With Hermione by your side, would Harry or Ginny complete your trio? Hermione and Harry have a long history of getting into magical mischief as a team. Together, they’ve battled Nagini, time traveled, and found out how to destroy Horcruxes! We know from the books that Harry and Hermione work well as a pair, and there’s no telling what incredible magic you’ll see alongside two-thirds of the golden trio. Ginny and Hermione don’t get as many chances to fight evil and work together in the series, but I think an adventure with two of the series’ strongest female characters would be extraordinary! As I said last week, the possibilities are truly endless with the combination of Hermione’s smarts and Ginny’s powerhouse of spellwork. Besides, it’s International Women’s Month, and I want to see these two women in action!




2. Fred & George vs. Dobby & Kreacher

Seriously, how am I supposed to choose between two lovable pranksters and two equally lovable house-elves!? (Okay, so maybe Kreacher isn’t exactly lovable, but he’d surely be an interesting adventure companion). An adventure with Fred and George inevitably means hilarity, danger, and a few epic pranks. Maybe you’ll test new Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes or set off another out-of-this-world fireworks show! Would you pass up the opportunity to potentially find the coolest pair of socks on the planet or unearth ancient Black family relics with Dobby and Kreacher? House-elves are powerful in ways wizards probably don’t fully understand. Maybe you could discover new secrets of elf magic with Dobby and Kreacher in tow!




3. Dumbledore & Harry vs. Sirius & Lupin

This one’s a toughie. Would you rather accompany two wizarding world legends on an adventure or two Marauders who can turn into animals? Dumbledore and Harry are fierce competition in this round. They’re powerful in mysterious ways, and like Harry, I’m so curious about what’s going on in Dumbledore’s incredible mind! Plus, Dumbledore certainly has some top-secret mission where you’ll see unbelievable magical creatures and intensely powerful spells! On the other hand, I don’t think any Harry Potter fan would pass up the opportunity to learn a thing or two from members of the Marauders. Sirius is an Animagus, and canine lovers might enjoy learning about what it’s like to turn into a dog. Of course, Lupin’s werewolf transformation is equally fascinating! While you might not want to plan your adventure for a full moon, Lupin’s talent in defending against the Dark Arts means you’re in no danger from Dementors or boggarts!




Now that you’ve read through your choices, it’s time to vote! Choose which friends you’d want to bring along as you explore the wizarding world of Harry Potter!

Chelsea Korynta

In third grade, my teacher told me Harry Potter was from the devil, so naturally, I have been obsessed with the books ever since. I'm a Gryffindor, a Leo (like J.K. Rowling), and I work at a boarding school (like Hogwarts). I write hot takes on the wizarding world from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.