Supervising Art Director Martin Foley Set to Return for “Fantastic Beasts” 3

There’s no denying that all of us are super excited for the third installment of Fantastic Beasts. Recently, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara revealed that the studio plans to make the third film the best yet, and that’s why we will have to wait a bit longer for its release than those of the previous two films. A bit of good news that has surfaced is that the third installment will see the return of supervising art director Martin Foley, who has been part of the team since the first film.

Foley is known for his amazing work – he worked on the last three Harry Potter films, so it’s no surprise that he got the job for Fantastic Beasts as well. He was the art director on the first film, was the supervising art director on the second, and will fulfill the same role again on the third film. We can’t wait to see his amazing work in action once more. Foley has worked as a supervising art director on numerous other films, including Hugo (2011) and more recently, the upcoming The One and Only Ivan.

Foley isn’t the only one confirmed to return for the third Fantastic Beasts movie – James Newton Howard will also be back to compose the score, following a theme we all know and love. A few other familiar names, like production designer Stuart Craig and cinematographer Philippe Rousselot, still need to be confirmed, but we’re pretty sure they will make the cut. We’d say Craig’s return is basically a no-brainer – he was the production designer for all the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films so far, so we don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t hire him again. Rousselot has worked on both Fantastic Beasts films, so he’s bound to return for the third installment as well. David Yates will remain the director.

We don’t have a lot of new details about the upcoming movie, not even a name. We hope that changes soon because the moment we have a name, we can start to imagine what the plot might be like. What we do know for now is that the third movie will be addressing many of the questions we were left asking after the second film’s ending. It was also recently revealed that the third installment will be shot at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in the United Kingdom. That’s about as much as we know at the moment.

With the production of the third film recently pushed back from this July to late fall 2019, we are hoping for a 2021 release. There is speculation that it might be released sometime in March 2021, but it has not yet been confirmed. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that it might even be a bit earlier than that. It’s not fair to make us wait this long.

Marica Laing

Growing up, I was a massive fan of Harry Potter and my love for the stories grew as I got older. It’s no surprise then that I love writing about all things Potter related. When I’m not writing about all the magic, you’ll find me reading (probably something Harry Potter related), listening to music, or writing some songs.