“Harry Potter” Star Bonnie Wright Joins Greenpeace UK in Plastic Waste Study

Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright has become quite active with the organization Greenpeace UK. Recently, she started participating in a study of plastic waste in British waterways.

The group has been taking water samples from the River Wye using a special filtration device called a manta net. They are continually finding a disturbing amount of microplastics, tiny pieces of plastic, in the water.

Wright voiced her concerns about water pollution after spending some time studying the waterways with Greenpeace UK.

I think it is incredibly worrying.

Every time I have done the trawling for plastics, like we have done today, there’s not been one time the net hasn’t come up with some type of micro plastics [sic].

Mentioned by University of Exeter ecology lecturer Kirsten Thompson, one purpose of this project is to show that there are plastics residing specifically in the rivers. Most studies on waste in bodies of water cover only oceans and seas.

There are a lot of studies showing how much plastic is in our seas and oceans, but very few so far investigating the amounts and types of plastics, especially micro plastics [sic], carried along by our rivers.

Wright has issued a call to action through her Instagram. There is currently a petition “to urge the UK government to put strong policies in place for the upcoming environment bill that protects us from the effects of plastic pollution.”



Check out the petition here and let us know what you think in the comments!

Hannah Howard

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