VOTE: Which Pair of Wizarding World Pals Would You Bring on an Adventure?

Adventures in the magical world can be insanely fun. They can also be extremely dangerous! For Muggles and magical folk alike, it’s essential to bring along the right adventure buddies. Which pair of pals from the wizarding world would you bring along for an enchanting escapade?

Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to vote on who you think would be the best adventure buddies! Check back often to see who makes it through to the next round and ultimately wins the title of Best Adventure Friendship!

We know it will be nearly impossible to choose! Before you make your first selections on the bracket, keep reading for a breakdown explaining why these magical friendships are truly epic. Warning: It might not make your decision any easier!

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1. Harry & Ron vs. Harry & Hermione

It’s hard to picture the golden trio as anything other than a trio. However, if you had to choose, which of Harry’s best friends would you bring along on your magical adventure? Hermione could teach you some cool bits of magic, and she’s sure to help you out of any dangerous situation with her cleverness and smarts. On the other hand, Harry and Ron are more inclined to break the rules – plus, they both love to fly if you’ve always wanted to ride a broomstick! Just don’t expect Hermione to bail you out if (when) you get in trouble.




2. Dumbledore & Harry vs. Dumbledore & Nicolas Flamel

With Dumbledore by your side, there’s no doubt you’ll have a remarkable adventure. Which magical celebrity would you bring along: the Boy Who Lived, or a wizard who wields the key to immortality? Flamel and Dumbledore have been friends for a long time and have discovered some pretty insane magical secrets over the years. Combined, the two are a powerhouse of magical ability and knowledge. While Harry might not be able to show you ancient wizarding secrets, he is a fair bit younger than Flamel! Also, Harry and Dumbledore specialize in fighting Dark wizards together. While it sounds scary, fighting Voldemort alongside the two would be a legendary experience!




3. Fred & George vs. Tina & Queenie

How can we possibly decide between these sibling duos? Fred and George Weasley are guaranteed to provide more than enough mischief and humor to your adventure. They’ve mastered the art of rule-breaking and can find creative ways to make a riot out of even the most boring day. That being said, I would never pass up an opportunity to see two super talented witches like Tina and Queenie show their magical abilities in person! Hanging out with a mind reader and an Auror would be undeniably awesome. Plus, there’s so much I’m sure these ladies could teach us about magical society in the United States!




4. Lupin & Sirius vs. Newt & Tina

Adventuring with Moony and Padfoot might be the closest we’ll ever get to being a member of the Marauders, and it might be every Harry Potter fan’s dizziest daydream. Can you imagine gallivanting around with two insanely talented wizards who fought Voldemort in the Order of the Phoenix? However, with Newt and Tina, we could meet some fantastic beasts beyond our wildest dreams while traveling internationally to battle Dark wizards. If you’re into top-secret government missions to protect the fate of the wizarding world, Newt and Tina probably have the adventure for you. Plus, it would be pretty cute to see these two flirt with one another the whole time.




5. Newt & Jacob vs. Ginny & Hermione

These friendships might be too pure to choose between. On the one hand, Jacob is absolutely hilarious and his sense of wonder about the magical world is infectious. I can’t stop imagining what sorts of magical creatures I’d encounter with Newt as our magical guide. Hopefully, he’d take the opportunity to show off some awe-inspiring magic to his Muggle adventure buddies. However, hanging out with Ginny and Hermione would be a girl-power-squad dream come true. These two Gryffindor lionesses learned to be fierce through fighting the most powerful Dark wizard of their generation. Maybe your adventure would involve Ginny’s perfectly dangerous Bat-Bogey Hex or impersonating an enemy with Hermione’s flawless Polyjuice Potion. The possibilities are endless with these gals.




6. Niffler & Pickett vs. Dobby & Kreacher

Which magical creatures would you bring along to help you navigate the wizarding world? Dobby is a loyal friend who would gladly risk his life to protect those who show him kindness. While Dobby and Kreacher might not be the best of friends, they both hold a unique power as house-elves that I’d love to see in action! Newt’s beloved Niffler and Pickett might be small but are powerful companions with special talents. If you’ve got expensive taste, you’d be a great match for an adventure with a Niffler who attracts valuables like a magnet! Bowtruckles are masters at picking locks. In addition to being a truehearted companion, Pickett lives up to his name and would be happy to help you out of any situation involving a lock needing a key.


Chelsea Korynta

In third grade, my teacher told me Harry Potter was from the devil, so naturally, I have been obsessed with the books ever since. I'm a Gryffindor, a Leo (like J.K. Rowling), and I work at a boarding school (like Hogwarts). I write hot takes on the wizarding world from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.