A Recipe for “Order of the Phoenix”

by hpboy13

There is a wonderful annual tradition in New York City known as the NYC Teen Author Festival, which takes place every March and is a chance for YA authors to spend time together talking about all things books. One of this writer’s favorite events is when David Levithan provides a panel of writers with a prompt and we get to see what they come up with.

This year, the prompt was “The Great YA Bake-Off,” where authors had to come up with a recipe for a popular book. There were hilarious recipes shared for everything from Twilight to Catcher in the Rye. But one author, Sarvenaz Tash (The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love, Three Day Summer), is a Potter fan after our own heart and crafted a recipe for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Here we can present exclusive video of Sarvenaz Tash’s recipe for Order of the Phoenix, provided for your cooking pleasure!



If you enjoy Tash’s humorous writing style, check out her upcoming book Virtually Yours, a rom-com all about a college freshman’s shenanigans when she gets entangled in a dating app with her ex-boyfriend and her best friend. Virtually Yours will be released on July 4.

In the comments, leave your own recipes for the various Potter books!


Ever wondered how Felix Felicis works? Or what Dumbledore was scheming throughout the series? Pull up a chair in the Three Broomsticks, grab a butterbeer, and see what hpboy13 has to say on these complex (and often contentious) topics!
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