Bonnie Wright Makes Waves with Sustainable Swimwear Collection

Bonnie Wright has long been an advocate for protecting the oceans, particularly against the damage caused by single-use plastics.

To further raise awareness of the issue, Wright has collaborated with sustainable fashion brand Fair Habor Clothing to design a limited-edition swimwear line. The collection features a one-piece swimsuit, bikini top, and bikini bottoms, all of which are made from recycled plastic bottles.



Speaking about the inspiration for the design for the collection, Wright revealed influences from Japan and China, as well as the ocean.

I was inspired by Japanese and Chinese indigo prints for both the pattern and color of the collection. The pattern itself is inspired by sea urchin shells, an animal I find to have such fierce beauty like the ocean. I wanted the shape and fit of the suits to encourage movement at the beach be it swimming, dancing or surfing!

As well as giving plastic bottles a new life, 15% of the profit from each item will be donated to environmental nonprofit Heal the Bay, which works to clean up shorelines along the Santa Monica Bay, located in Los Angeles County.



The Bonnie Wright x Fair Habor Clothing collection will launch Friday, April 26, and will be available to purchase online.

Lucy O'Shea

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