Seven Times Fred and George Were Actually Sincere

Fred and George’s main reputation in the Harry Potter series is as tricksters and troublemakers. What’s often overlooked is that Fred and George do actually know when to be serious, and although they will make jokes at the expense of their friends and family, they never let anyone else do so. Here are seven of my favorite moments when Fred and George were sincere.


1. Harry’s Trunk

In Harry’s first real interaction with Fred and George, they offer to help him carry his heavy trunk onto the train. They know that this is not the time to laugh at his struggles or make a joke about the fact that he isn’t big enough to do it on his own. They recognize that he’s alone and probably overwhelmed, so they reach out to welcome him into the magical world with no ulterior motive except kindness toward a stranger.




2. The Flying Car

When Ron gets worried about Harry not answering his letters, Fred and George take Ron’s concerns seriously and decide to do something about it. They know that their parents are not going to take immediate action, so they go into full-on rescue mode. Unlike Fred and George’s usual rule breaking, this isn’t for attention or a laugh. It’s just to help out a friend in need.




3. The Rogue Bludger

When the rogue Bludger comes after Harry, the twins put all their efforts into protecting him from it, ignoring what’s going on in the rest of the game. When Harry tells them to leave him alone to catch the Snitch, they try to refuse and get angry at Wood for encouraging him to make such a risky decision.

‘This is all your fault,’ George said angrily to Wood. ‘Get the Snitch or die trying,’ what a stupid thing to tell him – ‘” (CoS 170)

They will have to forfeit the match if they ask for an inquiry, but the twins are willing to make that sacrifice if it will protect Harry from harm.




4. The Marauder’s Map

One of the most selfless examples of the twins’ behavior is when they give Harry the Marauder’s Map. They claim that they don’t need it anymore, but this is clearly just an excuse. Although they have memorized the secret passageways, the most useful thing about the map is that it tells you where people are, which is information they won’t have access to otherwise. But Fred and George, as always, are paying attention to Harry’s wants and needs, and recognize the ways that he is feeling trapped and left out. They want to give him his freedom, and to do so, they are willing to sacrifice some of their own.




5. Dementors

‘We’ll come and see you later,’ Fred told him. ‘Don’t beat yourself up, Harry, you’re still the best Seeker we’ve ever had.'” (PoA 181)

When Harry falls off his broom during a Quidditch match because of the Dementors, Fred and George stay in the hospital wing with him, reassuring him that they still have a chance at the Quidditch Cup and that they don’t blame him at all for the loss. The twins could have easily made a joke out of the Dementors and him falling from his broom, but they realize that Harry is really upset and that the Dementors are not funny to him. In this context, they know that the best way to cheer him up is not by making a joke, but by being sincere.




6. Percy

Fred and George are happy to make fun of their dad, or Dumbledore, or even Harry, but as soon as Percy insults any one of them, they turn against him firmly. More than any other members of the family, they are bitter about Percy’s betrayal. When telling Harry about Percy, George has an “uncharacteristically ugly look on his face” (OotP 70), and when Percy comes for Christmas, they stare at him “stony-faced” (HBP 341). Who knew Fred and George were ever that serious? However, when Percy finally apologizes, Fred and George are the first to forgive him. No matter what, they are loyal to their family.




7. Weasley Is Our King

‘I haven’t got the heart to take the mickey out of him, even,’ said Fred.” (OotP 576)

When Ron joins the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Fred and George have plenty of opportunities to make fun of him as he blunders, drops the Quaffle, and lets in goals. However, they show remarkable self-restraint and never bring it up to his face. They know that he is having a hard enough time as it is being teased by the Slytherins, and they don’t want to crush his morale any further. Plus, if Malfoy is the one making fun of their brother, they will defend Ron until the end of their days.




All in all, the Weasley twins are good friends to have on your side. They may tease you mercilessly and sometimes turn you into a canary, but they know what the boundaries are, and they will fiercely and loyally defend you against anyone else who tries to put you down.

Sophia Jenkins

My name is Sophia and I’m a Hufflepuff living with my pet pig in New York City. On a daily basis I like to channel my inner Luna Lovegood by reading Harry Potter analysis books (upside down, of course) while wearing my large collection of miniature food earrings. When my best friends get tired of me bringing every conversation back to Harry Potter I sit down at my computer to share my obsession with the readers of MuggleNet.

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