Evanna Lynch to Star in New Comedy Play “Games for Lovers”

Evanna Lynch is no stranger to the stage, having most recently appeared in the absurdist-comedic play The Omission of the Family Coleman. This summer, Evanna is set to tread the boards once again in a brand-new comedy, Games for Lovers.



Games for Lovers is a new comedy centered on the trials and tribulations of modern relationships through the eyes of four Millennials. Although little is known about the role Evanna will be playing, the performance promises to be full of laughs as each of the characters navigates the game of love:

Four [M]illennials looking for sex, love and a well-located flat find themselves caught in a complex game of rivalry, desire and seduction. As the cost of happiness soars, how can they negotiate the new rules of modern relationships and win the game of love?

Staring alongside Evanna are Callum Callaghan (Black Mirror), Tessie Orange Turner (Casualty), and Billy Postlethwaite (Chernobyl). The play is directed by Anthony Banks, who also directed the stage adaptation of the hugely popular book and movie Girl on the Train.

Games for Lovers will have its world premiere at the Vaults, an immersive theater venue situated in disused railway arches under Waterloo Station, London. To add to the immersive nature of Games for Lovers, the front of the audience is invited to sit in love seats, allowing audience members to get closer to the experience onstage.



Games for Lovers premieres on July 12 and runs until August 25 at the Vaults. Tickets cost £25 for general admission and £35 for the front-row love seats. Tickets can be purchased here.

Lucy O'Shea

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