Back on the Big Screen! Daniel Radcliffe Talks “Playmobil: The Movie” and Why He’s Selective About Roles

Being a fast-paced action star is not a familiar role for actor Daniel Radcliffe. Not to fear, however! The former Harry Potter actor’s role in an upcoming animated spy thriller may stand to impress fans. Playmobil: The Movie brings Dan back into mainstream media as secret agent Rex Dasher.



Dan’s character, an overconfident and smooth-talking spy, comes to the aid of two siblings who are lost in the fantasy toyland of Playmobil. Rex takes on a mission to bring the siblings together and back to safety. Running through dangerous situations with ease and a charming persona, Rex Dasher is the spy hero you want coming to your rescue. However, this may be the only spy movie to feature Dan. He adds that he is hesitant to accept any future missions.

If the story around it fits, if there is a reason that a person like me would be cast as a spy then yeah. I don’t think I’m someone who looks like they could have a fight generally. In the right circumstances, I would love to do a spy movie but it might be more like Spy with Melissa McCarthy.

In an exclusive new interview, Dan continues to say that the character’s “ridiculous amount of confidence” is what drove him to take the part.

Since his departure from the wizarding world, Dan has starred in numerous independent movies. Some, like Swiss Army Man, are quirky and downright odd. Others, like Jungle, fall into a category of suspense and even terror. Playmobil: The Movie, on the other hand, promises to be a nice change in pace from his recent work.

Unfortunately, this seems to be Dan’s only interest in playing a blockbuster-sized film. Following the 2017 saga-ending movie Logan, rumors began to unfold of Dan coming back as the new and improved Wolverine. He quickly revealed the statements he made, suggesting himself as the MCU anti-hero, were a joke.

Most of the films that I love I don’t think I would want to see remade, and I certainly don’t think that I would want to be in the remakes of them.

Similar rumors flew when it was hinted Dan could be the next James Bond. He shut down the 007 thought before anyone could get too excited, citing it would be “ridiculous” for him to follow the act of Daniel Craig.

At one point, he poked fun at the idea of falling into the universe of Batman – even if the role were the ever-faithful sidekick, Robin. But it would be safe to say this role may also never come to light.

It’s widely believed that Dan may never find a role as big as Harry Potter again. On the other hand, Dan himself is fine with that reality. His numerous indie films can speak to that as well. Along with the TV show roles, cameos, and now voice acting, viewers have a wide range of options to see their favorite wizard once again.