The Return of the Queen: J.K. Rowling Back on Twitter to Tease Big “Cursed Child” News

Wizarding world fans, you might want to sit down: J.K. Rowling has officially returned to Twitter.

The author sent the Internet into a frenzy just an hour ago, adding about a gallon’s worth of fuel to the fire that has been today’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child news. MuggleNet exclusively let you know this morning about changes to aspects of the play’s productions that seemed to indicate something big was on the horizon.

That shoe dropped in the form of Rowling’s tweet:



The post marks the author’s first since a series of retweets in mid-March, and fans are already clamoring to decipher it. Could it indicate changes to the play itself? The return of familiar faces? The addition of new elements?

Further adding to the speculation is this post from Pottermore:



The evidence of changes within the Cursed Child productions quietly surfaced this week with a switch in marquee fonts at all active venues – the Lyric Theatre in New York City, New York; the Palace Theatre in London, England; and the Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Australia – to that of the American Harry Potter book font, a playbill redesign, and the addition of “J.K. Rowling’s” preceding the play’s title. “Parts One and Two” was also removed from each marquee.

That led to speculation of more significant involvement on the part of Warner Bros. and the possibility that it could be leading up to an eventual film release of the stage show. For now, that appears not to be the case. Another emerging popular theory is that the removal of the distinction between the play’s two parts could indicate a new part to the story. Exactly what it all does mean, however, remains up in the air, though there exists a possibility something could be announced as soon as this weekend. That stems from the fact that frequent attendees of the play have received emails inviting them to upcoming performances as guests of Cursed Child.

Could that mean they’ll be among the first to learn what’s in the cards for the play?

What do you think is looming for the “Nineteen Years Later” crew? Did you receive a special invitation to a performance? Let us know!

Brienne Green

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