Pottermore Explains the New “Cursed Child” Design

This week, fans and reporters alike noticed that the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child marquees around the world were changing. The old font was removed, and Mary GrandPré’s design for the books’ titles was added. MuggleNet was able to confirm that Warner Bros. had gained some amount of control over Cursed Child.

Pottermore has now revealed additional information on the design change. J.K. Rowling returned to Twitter yesterday with a cryptic message, which we now know is the new tagline for Cursed Child.



Pottermore has also revealed the look of the show’s new poster.


The new poster for "Cursed Child" features adult Harry casting a spell, which looks like a lightning bolt with the Dark Mark inside it.


The poster now features the new tagline, which Pottermore has confirmed was written by Rowling: “Sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.”

In the center of the poster is adult Harry. He’s casting a spell that appears in the shape of a lightning bolt, and within the lightning bolt is the Dark Mark. The poster, of course, has the new title design, and the words “J.K. Rowling’s” have been added before the title.  New additions also include the words “The story continues on stage” and the Wizarding World logo.

The changes to the poster definitively separate it from the old poster, which featured the nest with wings and none of the new language. The new poster design more clearly states that Cursed Child is a part of the Harry Potter canon (whether fans agree with that or not).

In addition to the explanation of the changes, Pottermore also announced that 934 fans will win tickets to Cursed Child productions around the world. Visit harrypottertheplay.com and choose your city. At 12:00 p.m. EDT today, September 6, fans will be able to search for free tickets and grab one.

Don’t miss your chance to see the new show; plus, visiting the website will give you a look at other changes. The team has added a new video to the site, which shows Harry casting the spell as Dementors swarm. There’s also now a link to the Wizarding World site. Could the app be coming soon?

What do you think about these changes? Are you excited to have Cursed Child placed firmly in the Potter canon?

Gretchen Roesch

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