UPDATED: Quidditch Through the Stages: Learn the Basics with Quidditch 101 Clinic in Nebraska

UPDATE (October 31):

Budding quidditch players of all ages learned the ropes of this magical game at the Quidditch 101 Clinic. With such a successful day and even further demand from those who couldn’t make the session, the Creighton University quidditch team has created a beginner’s guide for those who want to learn how to play the wizarding world’s favorite sport.

For anyone who couldn’t make it to Nebraska to join in, check out the video of the Quidditch 101 Clinic below and don’t forget to check out Creighton University’s new beginner’s guide!



Ever wanted to try your hand at quidditch? Want to rival even Ginny Weasley but don’t know your Chasers from your Beaters?

Ahead of the US Quidditch 2019 Midwest Regional Quidditch Championship in Nebraska, members of the public can get a feel for the magical game with a Quidditch 101 Clinic.



On Sunday, October 27 in Papillion, Nebraska, attendees will learn the basics of the game before taking part in hands-on drills led by the Creighton University quidditch team. The event was supposed to be held last year, but rainy weather and scheduling issues prevented it from taking place.

With the date now only a few days away, athletic events coordinator with Sarpy County Tourism Alex Schiphoff feels that this event will be a great opportunity for the community:

This is a great opportunity for people to take part [in] and learn the sport themselves.

The Quidditch 101 Clinic will take place on October 27 and will run from 4 to 5 p.m. at the Papillion Landing Field House, 1022 W. Lincoln St. The cost of the family-friendly clinic is $5, and there are 250 tickets available.

Head to the City of Papillion Parks and Recreation website to get your tickets.

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