Rupert Grint Says “Never Say Never” to Acting in “Cursed Child” and Talks About His TV Show “Servant”

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been making waves across the United States in the past few weeks. In early September, Cursed Child fans overran Times Square in New York City when the production announced its new redesign and tagline, “Sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.” The show has received international acclaim; its many awards are proof, and the play’s fans agree. Even Harry Potter‘s own Rupert Grint seems to have jumped on the Cursed Child bandwagon.

Rupert was in attendance at this year’s New York Comic Con promoting his latest work, Servant. In an interview with ET, he was asked what he thought about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

I saw it in London a few years ago. It’s incredible! It’s quite a strange, out-of-body experience to see.

Grint was also asked if he would ever consider returning to the role of Ron Weasley onstage:

I mean, never say never! It’s a great story. It’s kind of a genius extension of those characters. But I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about that.

It’s easy to assume that fans would love to see Rupert onstage as the lovable Weasley boy. But until that dream becomes reality, we’ll settle in and watch his most recent TV show, Servant.

In this thriller, Rupert stars as Julian Pearce, the “brash” younger brother to Dorothy Turner (played by Lauren Ambrose, Where the Wild Things Are and Torchwood) and brother-in-law to Dorothy’s husband, Sean Turner (played by Toby Kebbell, Black Mirror and Kong: Skull Island). The movie follows the Turner family as they deal with sudden trauma and grief “in the most bizarre way.” Apple TV+ released a new teaser trailer for the TV show this week.



Servant comes from the minds of creators Tony Basgallop and M. Night Shyamalan, the latter known for his bone-chilling thrillers. In the same interview with ET, Lauren Ambrose let slip a little more detail about what to expect from the TV show.

It’s [about] a couple in crisis. They have a trauma that happens, and it’s exploring how they deal with grief. It all takes place in one location; it’s all in this one Brownstone in Philadelphia…That lends it this intensity because we’re all trapped inside this house.

M. Night Shyamalan’s films are loved for their unusual plot twists, so his new work will be sure to leave fans wanting more. Servant premieres on Apple TV+ on November 28.