Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma” First Netflix Film to Be Released on DVD

Academy Award-winning Roma is getting a Blu-ray and DVD release in February. The film is being released as part of the Criterion Collection, which will also include five individual documentaries all about creating the film.

Featured among these documentaries is one titled Road to Roma. This documentary is about creating the film, features behind-the-scenes footage, and shows an interview with Alfonso Cuarón. Another featured documentary is Snapshots from the Set, which is all about the sound, the postproduction, the theatrical campaign, and lastly, the social impact in Mexico.

Roma was originally only going to be a Netflix film and has been on Netflix since its release last November. In the past, Netflix has only ever released popular shows such as House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black on DVD. This makes Roma the first Netflix original film to have a DVD release. Could we possibly be seeing the future of Netflix? Perhaps Roma will be the first of many DVD releases of Netflix original films. This is great news for those who don’t subscribe to Netflix since they will possibly have the opportunity to watch Netflix original films outside of the streaming service.

Are you planning to purchase Roma? Have you already watched it through Netflix? Let us know in the comments!

Hannah Howard

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