Emma Watson’s Likeness Featured in Portrait of Influential British Women

Beyond her role as Hermione Granger, Emma Watson has become known for her activism for gender equity and related issues. Previously named the fifth-most-admired woman in the world, Watson is now the subject of a very interesting portrait by artist Craig Alan.

Alan, who is based in the United States, is known for his Populus series of portraits, in which he reimagines famous figures and objects using crowds of tiny people. His portrait of Emma Watson is a continuation of this series, which has included Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and more. The Blackpool Gazette explained that each one of the people in Alan’s portraits is actually hand-painted, and influential British women from the past 60 years are hidden inside of Emma’s portrait. (One of them is none other than J.K. Rowling!)

The piece features hundreds of tiny, individually painted figures intended to represent the millions of British women who have been impacted by positive role models. Hidden within the artwork are portraits of famous names, including the Queen, JK Rowling and Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill.


Emma Watson's likeness is pictured in a portrait by Craig Alan, as commissioned by Avon.

The portrait of Emma Watson, as created by Craig Alan, was commissioned by Avon.


The portrait was commissioned by beauty and personal care company Avon in the United Kingdom, and it is part of a new campaign for the company’s anniversary. Avon UK conducted a study that found that women and girls believed there to be a lack of female role models.

The research found that 43 per cent of British women and girls still felt there were not enough modern female role models in the public eye. The research also looked at the qualities women value most in role models, with the ability to inspire (52 per cent) rated highest, followed by selflessness (37 per cent), leadership and a nurturing nature.

Daniella Schofield, who is transgender and an Avon representative, told the Blackpool Gazette that she had no idea that she had been featured in the portrait until Avon contacted her about it.

I was picked because of my selflessness and my journey, which covers mental health, being transgender and having no money, to where I am today.

Matthieu Comard, general manager of Avon UK, additionally commented on the portrait.

Avon is proud to have been a beauty pioneer in the UK for 60 years, giving women and men the opportunity to run their own business. From giving them the tools they need to earn on their own terms to providing support through work with charities such as Changing Faces, Women’s Aid, Refuge and CoppaFeel!, Avon’s aim has always been to empower and champion women. We couldn’t think of a better way to mark our 60th year than to celebrate the best female role models of the past 60 years. We want to see society and the media celebrating amazing female role models for the next 60 years and beyond.

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