“Wizards Unite”, “Hogwarts Mystery” Brewing Up Legendary Fun

As you know, mystery is the name of the game in both Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. On the one hand, you have your long-lost brother and a crazed Curse-Breaker to contend with as you try to keep Hogwarts safe from Cursed Vaults in Hogwarts Mystery; on the other, the Calamity is snatching bits of wizarding history from around the globe and depositing them outside your local Burger King.

If you’re like us, however, your day just wouldn’t be complete without blasting a Cornish pixie or two and chasing Sickleworth around Hogwarts. And recent updates to both games are sure to keep you on your toes this week as we await a little festive Christmas-themed fun!

Wizards Unite Update

We hope you were able to complete your Stronger United Brilliant Event tasks before this morning's culmination of that two-part happening, but either way, there'll be no rest for the weary: The Legends of Hogwarts Event has begun!



Running now through 11 a.m. (Pacific Time) December 2, this new event sees the Calamity turning its focus on iconic Foundables from the Legends of Hogwarts Potions Classroom Registry Page. You can peruse the rundown of event features below.

  • Players can expect increased sightings of Legends of Hogwarts: Potions Classroom Traces, including Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Young Harry Potter, and Hedwig. These Traces will appear on your map with a yellow beam of light emanating from them.
  • Brew up those Tonic for Trace Detection potions; they'll increase your chances of encountering event Traces and will have their Master Note effectiveness increased during the event. To help you along, Erumpent Horn Potion Ingredients will appear more frequently on the map.
  • Special Peculiar Portkey Portmanteaus will also be appearing on the map, and they'll transport you to a brand-new environment: Professor Snape's Office!
  • The Advanced Potion Making Foundable will have an increased chance of being collected from event Portkeys.
  • A complimentary event bundle is also awaiting you in the Diagon Alley Shop, so be sure to pick that up!


This screenshot shows a Peculiar Portkey Portmanteau from "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite".


Beyond this current event, as MuggleNet previously let you know, gifting is now live in Wizards Unite. Players should note the Spell Energy, Runestone, and Potion Ingredients Gifts that can be randomly awarded in Inns, Greenhouses, and Wizarding Challenges come in varying degrees, including Basic, Essential, Extravagant, and Sponsored. Some Potions Ingredient Gifts also include ingredients specific to particular pesky-to-brew potions.

Perhaps the coolest aspect of this new feature, however, is the fact that gifts show the location at which they were awarded, giving you a little glimpse into your Wizards Unite friends' hometowns and travels!


This screenshot shows the gifting screen from "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite".


Meanwhile, you may have already spotted Foundables from the new Legends of Hogwarts: Yule Ball Great Hall Registry Page in the wild, but if not, keep hunting - they're definitely worth it! The paired Foundables of Fred Weasley and Angelina Johnson, Hermione Granger and Viktor Krum, Rubeus Hagrid and Olympe Maxime, and Harry Potter and Parvati Patil will be dancing their way across your screen as part of that update, and it's a perfect segue to the game's next Brilliant Event: Christmas Calamity Part 1! That's on the horizon December 3, and we'll give you all the details in our next game update.

Hogwarts Mystery Update

It's been a bit since we've seen a newsletter from Hogwarts Mystery, but that doesn't mean the game has been without new developments.

Players have likely noticed that their dorm rooms are beginning to become more of a personalized hideaway. Aside from chilling on your bed with the large cache of pets your roommates are likely going to want to have a word with you about soon, you can now customize certain aspects of your room, including your bed frame, dresser, nightstand, bookshelf, trunk, and rugs. And as we learned recently with the new bed featuring falling autumn leaves, special decorating items will apparently be made available periodically through events and competitions.

You may have also noticed the camera icon at the bottom of your screen, which now allows you to set up a lovely photo op - minus other icons that may clutter up your screen - at any location of your choosing throughout the game. That includes two spots now accessible to sixth years: Hogsmeade Station and the Owlery.


A screenshot from "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" shows a view of Hogsmeade Station.


A screenshot from "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" shows the Owlery.


Your side quests and story play have also likely taken you recently through a meeting with Hufflepuff's new most-popular student and a mystery-solving session with your Quidditch pals that led to a brand-new broom.


A screenshot from "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" shows Cedric Diggory.


A screenshot from "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" shows a character with her new Comet 260 broom.


A screenshot from "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" shows Orion Amari.


We're changing his name to Captain Obvious, right?

Moving on, we won't risk spoilers in case you've been neglecting story play, but suffice to say you're still on the hunt for Patricia Rakepick with a little help from Sickleworth, your brother is popping up all over the place (and still holding a grudge about the whole "not trusting him" thing if that's the option you chose in the last Cursed Vault), and oh yeah, there's probably an assassin from Mahoutokoro lurking in the shadows. Good times!


A screenshot from "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" shows Sickleworth.


"Chk-chk-snrt" indeed.

How are you liking the new game updates? Let us know in the comments, and check back next week for more wizarding world gaming news!

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