Warwick Davis Reveals Secrets from “Harry Potter” and Whether He’d Join “Fantastic Beasts”

Warwick Davis, who is best known for his role as Filius Flitwick and Griphook in the Harry Potter films, recently spilled the beans on a near-disaster that took place during his time filming the franchise. He also revealed whether he would ever consider joining the Fantastic Beasts cast.

Most of us can remember the hype around the Potter films very well – there was a ton of secrecy and excitement even among fans who had read the books. Davis revealed that one of the films’ secrets was almost out before its time because a cast member left their script in a taxi. Yes, that happened. An entire script full of secrets and spoilers was just lying around in public. Luckily, Davis found it before anyone else did.

It was a real script, and there was a bit of a scramble around to reunite that script with its owner, who will remain anonymous.

Davis quickly added that he wasn’t the guilty one. It was a miracle that he found it, because can you even imagine the chaos that would have ensued if a fan had found it instead? We don’t really want to go there.

Davis, who also appeared in the Star Wars franchise, says that he isn’t fond of the responsibility that comes with holding a script – especially scripts from movies as big as Star Wars and Harry Potter. It just comes with too much pressure and secrecy.

On Solo: A Star Wars Story, the scripts were actually delivered on a tablet, and the tablet had a special security code. You had a certain amount of time to read the script, and then it would shut the tablet off and you wouldn’t be able to access it again, and then somebody would then come and collect that from you. The way it was presented on[-]screen, you couldn’t even photograph the screen because it wouldn’t photograph. Not that I tried, but I was told that. It really feels like MI5 stuff, James Bond stuff. It self-destructs.

Davis might not want to hold on to any super-secret scripts anymore, but he’s definitely up for playing a part in the Fantastic Beasts films. Even though he recently revealed that he’s not in favor of a Harry Potter reboot, Davis seems excited at the prospect of landing a role in Fantastic Beasts. No opportunities have yet presented themselves, but he assured everyone that he would jump at the chance.

There’[re] certain crossovers as well. So characters that I’ve already played could cross over into those stories. It’s up to J.K. Rowling, really. I’ll have a word when I next see her.

We’d love to see Davis’s previous characters return in Fantastic Beasts. The more familiar faces, the better, right?

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Marica Laing

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