Dobby’s Gravesite Removed Due to Negative Environmental Impact

The Pembrokeshire coast in Wales is home to the grave of beloved house-elf Dobby. For some time now, the marked gravesite has been easy to get to and was admired. Fans travel from all over the world to pay their respects to the treasured character of the Harry Potter series.

After several years of fans visiting the coast, authorities have decided to remove the grave. The decision comes after discovering that foot traffic to and from Dobby’s grave was causing too much damage to the local beach.

The Welsh beach, known as Freshwater West, is considered a fragile ecosystem. The maker of the original memorial marker, John Goble, says he was surprised at the amount of attention the grave received.

I have to say I was shocked; I didn’t expect it to get quite as much attention as it did. […] I was looking to bring people to the area; unfortunately, I just didn’t realize the damage that could be caused by people walking around in this beautiful, but sensitive, part of the world.

Goble created a sculpture of Dobby and placed it on the Pembrokeshire coast where Dobby’s death scene was filmed. The statue is no longer standing but has been reunited with Goble and his team, who are in full support of the decision. The Pembrokeshire beach is now considered protected by the National Trust, a conservation society based in the United Kingdom.

The National Trust commented on its decision to protect the Pembrokeshire coast:

Following a brief adventure at Freshwater West, we’re pleased to have reunited the Dobby sculpture with his owners. We became aware through social media that the sculpture had been placed in the car park. Dobby was safely removed and returned to the team at Dragon Signs, who were supportive of the decision. As a conservation charity, our priority is to ensure that visitors have an enjoyable and safe experience, whilst also safeguarding the landscape.

If you ever decide to visit Pembrokeshire, we know you will treat the landscape with the same love and respect that Dobby had for Harry and his friends.