Evanna Lynch Brings the Suspense in First Audiobook Narration

We all know and love the melodious voice of the actress behind dreamy Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood, and now Evanna Lynch is taking her vocal talents in an entirely different direction.

The Bookseller reports that Lynch has narrated Irish author Sam Blake’s latest novel, Keep Your Eyes on Me. The magazine compares the novel to Strangers on a Train meets Dial M for Murder, and you can check out the official synopsis below.

When Vittoria Devine and Lily Power find themselves sitting next to each other on a flight to New York, they discover they both have men in their lives whose impact has been devastating. Lily’s family life is in turmoil, her brother left on the brink of ruin by a con man. Vittoria’s philandering husband’s latest mistress is pregnant. By the time they land, Vittoria and Lily have realised that they can help each other right the balance. But only one of them knows the real story.

Bolinda Publishing secured the English-language rights for the audiobook, stating that “Lynch’s notable voice and Irish roots only embellish and build on the powerful, fast-paced thriller penned by Sam Blake, for a unique listening experience.”

Keep Your Eyes on Me marks Lynch’s first full audiobook narration, and she expressed her delight on Twitter.



The novel was published in print on January 2 by Corvus, an imprint of Atlantic Books. Blake is best known for her police procedural series featuring the character of Irish detective Cat Connolly. The first book in that series, Little Bones, was shortlisted for Irish Crime Novel of the Year in 2016. Blake says she’s ecstatic to have Lynch bring her latest work to life.

I’m absolutely thrilled Evanna agreed to read ‘Keep Your Eyes on Me’ – this is the first time she’s done a full audio book [sic] narration, and it’s Sam Blake’s first psychological thriller, so it’s doubly exciting. I flew to London to meet her while she was recording and loved everything she brought to the script, the characters and their accents.

You can purchase Lynch’s reading of Keep Your Eyes on Me in audiobook or audio CD format on both Amazon and Amazon UK.

If there’s one book you’d love to hear Lynch read, what would it be? Let us know in the comments!

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