Jude Law Is Starring in the World’s First Immersive TV Series

Imagine stepping into the world of a series you love – seeing the actors up close, being in their world with them while life-changing events take place. This is possible with The Third Day, a brand-new series set to premiere on HBO on May 11, 2020. Starring Jude Law (who portrays young Albus Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts films) and Naomie Harris (Black and BlueSkyfall), this series is set to be nothing short of amazing.

The Third Day will be the world’s first immersive television series. This means that an innovative live event will be staged as part of the story. How cool is that? This live event will go along with the series’ six-episode run, which is divided into two parts.

The first component is called Summer and tells the story of Sam (Jude Law), who finds himself drawn to a mysterious island off the British coast. There, he encounters a group of people who are set in their ways and willing to preserve their traditions no matter the cost. After Summer ends, a major immersive theater event will be held where audiences can come to experience the next part of the story, live. Imagine what an amazing experience that is going to be. Getting attached to the characters in the series and then having the opportunity to join their world in an immersive theater event is nothing short of amazing. This event, created by Punchdrunk and directed by Felix Barrett, will have limited space, which means that you’ll have to reserve your spot early on. Those who can’t make it to the live event will be able to follow the action online. No official date has yet been set for the event.

The series will conclude with Winter, which spans the remaining three episodes. This part will focus on the story of Helen (Naomie Harris). Helen comes to the island for different reasons than Sam. Her character is described as a “strong-willed outsider who comes to the island seeking answers, but whose arrival precipitates a fractious struggle to decide its fate.”

Produced by author Dennis Kelly and the artistic director of theater troupe Punchdrunk, Felix Barrett, this is clearly going to be one of those series that takes you on a roller coaster ride. According to Barrett, creating a series that crosses TV and live-action has always been a dream of his.

The [Third] Day will be a TV series and a universe you are able to enter, giving audiences the opportunity to breathe and live the story.

Kelly says that The Third Day has given him the opportunity to create a story with themes he has been obsessing over.

I wanted to make a series that was unsettling and disturbing but that also spoke to fears that ran deeper than horror. The themes of [T]he Third Day have long been obsessions of mine – it is about loss and hope and how both of those things can distort the mind in surprising and brutal ways.

It seems that 2020 is going to be the year for some groundbreaking television experiences. Being able to almost literally step into the world of a series is an experience worth having, almost like walking through the brick wall straight into the magic of Diagon Alley.

Will you try to attend the immersive event? Are you looking forward to watching the series? Let us know in the comments.

Marica Laing

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