An “Insignificant” Death

What would have happened if three time-traveling wizards from the future changed history, as we saw in Cursed Child?

“Mandrakes!” Neville bellowed at Harry over his shoulder as he ran. “Going to lob them over the walls – they won’t like this!”

Neville thundered after Professor Sprout through the Entrance Hall along with six other students, all wearing their earmuffs. The Hufflepuff next to Neville was so focused on their mission as the group erupted out of the hall’s massive oak doors that he almost collided with Remus. “Watch where you’re running!” Neville yelled at the student. “We’ve got to get to the wall!”

Neville could feel the blood pumping through his veins as he ran. He was ready. This was their only chance.

The group took the dirt path to the Hogwarts gates, their feet kicking up dust and stone as they moved. Suddenly, the ground shook like an earthquake, and they saw a flash of light above the trees. Neville rounded the corner. Dozens of Death Eaters were waiting a few feet back from the gates, wands drawn and pointing at the wrought iron.

REDUCTO!” The Death Eaters blew the gates to dust and began running, full tilt, at Professor Sprout and her seven students.

Neville planted his feet firmly on the ground. They just needed to be a bit closer… “Now!” he cried as he grasped his mandrake firmly, yanked it out of its pot, and threw it as hard as he could at the oncoming enemy. Quickly, he grasped his wand, “Stupefy!” He shot his spell at a black figure running toward him. As the wizard hit the ground, Neville saw his hood fall and recognized the Ministry man he’d just attacked. Without getting up, Yaxley retaliated, firing a Blasting Curse at the tree limb just above where Neville stood. He dove out of the way, and Yaxley ran toward the castle.

As Neville stood up, he noticed the impressive number of Death Eaters they’d managed to knock out with the mandrakes before turning to see Professor Sprout boldly fighting someone whose eyes matched his grey mask and each student dueling at least one Death Eater.

Neville went to help a tall, skinny Ravenclaw girl who was managing to hold off two enemies herself. Light flew in all directions. Neville disarmed one of the Death Eaters, and the girl sent them both flying backward into a tree from the force of her Stunning Spell. She went to help her friend while Neville ran to join Professor Sprout.

The group was winning. There were only three Death Eaters left to defeat. Four of the students were returning to the castle to pursue the Death Eaters who had gotten away.

The fight continued: Each Ravenclaw girl was fighting a Death Eater while Professor Sprout and Neville fought one. The Death Eater with grey eyes brandished his wand at Professor Sprout, “You all laughed at me. I was humiliated.” The pain in his voice was clear even behind his mask. Professor Sprout’s eyes gleamed as she hesitated. She knew that voice.

Protego!” Neville reacted quickly as the Death Eater went to attack, shielding both himself and his favorite professor.

Just then, one of the Ravenclaws behind him screamed, and Neville was distracted. In an instant, the Death Eater knew it was his chance. He fired a Stunning Spell at Sprout.

Neville watched her fall to the ground. The blood he felt in his veins boiled with anger. He wasn’t there to help his parents, but he’s here now. He bolted after the Death Eater, who had headed for the castle. Neville fired spell after spell at him, finally hitting him hard enough to knock him on his stomach.

They were alone. In the distance, they both heard the roars of Grawp, swinging a stone gargoyle in anger, their view blocked by the canopy of trees lining the path.

Neville allowed the enemy to get up before attacking: “Stupefy!” The man leapt out of the way and returned fire. Neville stumbled and fell as he avoided the curse. Dirt clouded his already diminished eyesight, but he got up. He wished he still had a mandrake to throw at this wizard.

Barely able to see, Neville fired again. At the same moment, the Death Eater attacked. Their spells collided, causing an explosion between them. They both heard the tree begin to give way. His enemy took the opportunity and fired at Neville once more. Suddenly, in a flash of green light, Neville Longbottom fell.

As the tree collapsed between them, the Death Eater was knocked to the ground, and his hood fell. Cedric Diggory turned and ran toward Hogwarts.

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