Voldemort’s Victory Speech

What would have happened if Harry Potter had truly died at Voldemort’s hand?

Scene: The Death Eaters come from the forest up to the castle, levitating the limp corpse of Harry Potter above them. They enter the castle and follow the sounds of everyone in the Great Hall. Bellatrix shouts “Bomarda,” and the doors to the Great Hall burst apart and shower those within with flecks of wood. The Death Eaters step into the Hall and respond to the wands and spells directed at them by casting a Shield Charm that settles around all of the Death Eaters, and Voldemort steps forward to further solidify his position as leader. The Dark Lord casts a Silencing Charm around the Hall as Nagini slithers up to sit on his shoulders. Voldemort sets Harry’s body on the floor and begins to speak.



I stand here, the conqueror of the Boy Who Lived. I, the last descendant of Salazar Slytherin, shall lead us to a new age, one that completes his noble work and brings us to an era of magical glory more radiant than the founders’. We have strayed far from the path the founders of Hogwarts laid out for us. Magic is no longer glorious; it is a mockery in the greater world. Circe, Merlin, Morgana, the names of witches and wizards who were once most sacred are now used in children’s stories to amuse Mudbloods, a result of mingling with those beneath us.

For too long, we have allowed our sacred blood to be diluted. Our children have forgotten what it means to be pure witches and wizards. Our children have been divided upon entering Hogwarts. But no longer. I will lead Hogwarts under one banner.

For too long, the supposed righteous have been leading this school to ruin, forgetting the values given by its founders. Harry Potter need not have died. But Albus Dumbledore used Hogwarts as a place to cultivate child soldiers, not cultivate the magical minds and talent of children with magical gifts. How good is a man who enlists children to fight? But no longer shall we lose children’s magical potential to war.

I shall bring us to an age where children can be children and learn the ancient ways as they were meant to be. The next generation shall be birthed into a better, purer era that honors the lives of those that came before us. Those who prove loyal to me shall be rewarded with places of honor in my new society. Those who fight against me show they are not meant to live in this society where magic is might. I do not relish losing magical blood, but for a magnificent society to emerge, the non-believers shall be purged. But where there is death, there is birth. Join me as we rise from the ashes of the disgusting days and create a civilization of a perfectly pure magical people. Any resistance will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

The Death Eaters cheer, roused that their cause has been victorious. The members of the Order of the Phoenix look to each other, wondering what the plan is now since Dumbledore’s last words were to trust a boy who was now lying dead at Voldemort’s feet. Ginny shares a look with Hermione and Ron in shared despair. End scene.

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