Alison Sudol and Dan Fogler Read Chapter 9 for Harry Potter at Home

Harry Potter at Home has seen everyone from Daniel Radcliffe to Alia Bhatt pick up a copy of the first Harry Potter book to read aloud for audiences across the world.

For Chapter 9, “The Midnight Duel,” Fantastic Beasts actors Alison Sudol (Queenie Goldstein) and Dan Fogler (Jacob Kowalski) have picked up where Bhatt and Alec Baldwin left off.

The introduction provided by Wizarding World Digital gave a brief idea of what readers can expect from this chapter:

Today, Dan Fogler and Alison Sudol narrate Harry’s first flying lesson, as well as a midnight adventure in the castle, where he meets a rather unusual dog.

Additionally, Fogler is referred to as being “officially a Gryffindor, but a Hufflepuff at heart,” and Sudol is noted as a Ravenclaw. Both actors additionally commented on what Harry Potter means to them.

Fogler discussed how he reads the books to his children daily.

I’ve been a fan of the Potter films for years. Then when I was part of the universe, immersed, I realised how very special it all is. Now, reading the books to my kids daily, I was in the perfect mindset to jump on board for this particular project, my pleasure to pitch in for a great cause.

Sudol described the Harry Potter books as being her way to “escape reality for a little while.”

Harry Potter was a part of my life from when I was a teenager – and I found myself reading the books when I needed to escape reality for a little while and immerse myself in a world of magic.

I’ve always found the books and the wizarding world tremendously comforting. I was keen to get involved with this project because, in times like these, where there is so much uncertainty, isolation and fear around the world, it was something I could do. I hope it might offer a bit of cosiness and comfort to anyone who might need it.

Want to follow along as Harry continues his first year at Hogwarts? You can find the video on Wizarding World Digital, and an audio-only version is available on Spotify!

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