Evanna Lynch Joins Million Dollar Vegan’s Take Pandemics off the Menu Campaign

Time and time again, Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch shows that she is much like her on-screen character Luna Lovegood. Just as the empathetic Magizoologist is an active advocate for magical wildlife protection, so is Lynch a passionate champion of environmental causes. This week, she collaborated with Million Dollar Vegan to launch its Take Pandemics off the Menu campaign.

There is no future without change. When it comes to Planet Earth: we are the flood, but we are also the ark. We can choose to change the way we eat—or we can be subject to other changes like mass migration, species extinction, recurring pandemics, and a greatly diminished quality of life—but there will be no future without change.

In honor of World Environment Day, Take Pandemics off the Menu seeks to encourage more people to adopt a healthy vegan lifestyle. Animal agriculture leads to environmental destruction, antibiotic resistance, and disease outbreak; therefore, it is vital – now more than ever – to redefine our relationship with animals and reduce our consumption of their meat.


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‘We cannot keep breeding, abusing, torturing, murdering animals by the trillions as if doing so will not have a set of consequences’. 💔 In honour of #WorldEnvironmentDay yesterday, please consider taking steps to go vegan! @milliondollarvegan have created a 31-day vegan challenge where they’ll send you recipes and educational emails every day for a month. Go to the link in my bio to sign up! 🌱 If I’ve learnt anything from this pandemic outbreak and the radical shifts happening in human consciousness, it’s that we have to take this moment to step up and be accountable for humanity’s mistakes, and one of the most urgent of those is factory farming. We can’t keep harvesting animals as commodities, cramming them into dark, filthy spaces for weeks on end, pumping them with antibiotics and NOT expect that the next pandemic is right around the corner. 🦠 I know everyone is feeling overwhelmed about social justice issues and like there is SO MUCH to learn (believe me, I feel it too) and veganism feels like a major lifestyle overhaul you don’t have the energy for right now, but I promise it is much easier than you think if you take it a day at a time and just try make conscious steps day by day! If you want to learn more about the link between pandemics and animal agriculture check out @milliondollarvegan’s website, @earthlinged’s recent podcast episodes or read Jonathan Safeon Foer’s recent NYT article. Stay safe and spangly, peeps! 😘 (hope this bloody igtv thing works for the 3rd time posting!!) #MillionDollarVegan #takepandemicsoffthemenu #veganism

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If the devastating pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that our pre-COVID lifestyles were unsustainable, and we must change for the better.

To encourage more people to go vegan, Million Dollar Vegan is offering a 31-day vegan starter kit. The kit “provides all the info you need in bite-sized pieces, including meal plans ideas, nutrition facts, where to eat out, tips on getting started and answers to all those tricky questions,” and it is completely free.

Consider participating in Million Dollar Vegan’s 31-day vegan challenge today!

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