Jessie Cave Opens Up About Her Experiences with Love

Regardless of whether we like Lavender Brown, one thing that we can all agree on is that she had a pretty rough love life. Jessie Cave, who portrays Lavender in the Harry Potter movies, has had much better experiences. In an article in the Sunday Times Style, Cave writes about the terrifying journey of falling in love and starting a relationship with fellow comedian Alfie Brown.

Cave’s story is a highly unusual one that challenges conventional norms of what a romantic relationship looks like. Summarizing her relationship with Brown in one sentence, she writes, “Hook up, have a baby, start dating, have another baby, break up, reunite.” The duo’s relationship was fraught with its fair share of trials and tribulations, worsened by its unorthodox nature.

As a result, Cave went through a roller coaster of emotions over the years, going through moments of anguish, fear, and insecurity. Ultimately, however, she does not regret the journey, and she is still slowly working with Brown to improve their relationship and build a more normal family. At the end, she looks back and reflects on her greatest takeaway:

My fear is that people think that we just ‘made the best of it’ because I got pregnant, or that I ‘trapped him’. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t got pregnant that night, but I like to think we would have gone to M&M’s World on a second date. In a way, we both trapped each other, and we are extremely lucky.

Despite their rocky start, Cave and Brown are clearly growing to become better partners. Just four days ago, she announced on her Instagram that she is expecting her third child. Love is never an easy process, but Cave shows us that – with perseverance and commitment – any relationship can bloom and thrive.

Elizabeth Grace

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