New Hampshire Woman Searching for “Harry Potter” Books Given to Her by Late Grandmother

A woman in New Hampshire is searching for the Harry Potter books that her late grandmother had given to her as a gift. According to local news website, Kaylie Goodwin sold her set of the seven books in 2009 when in need of money and is now hoping to get them back.

The books were given to her by her maternal grandmother, Dorothy Perham, who inscribed all the inside covers.

Goodwin, 18 at the time, entered [t]he Book Outlet, a used bookstore in North Hampton that recently closed, and asked how much she could get for her complete collection of Harry Potter hardcover books. The collection, seven in total, was given to her by her maternal grandmother – all books coming with the inscription ‘To Kaylie, love Nana’ on the inside cover.

Goodwin added that she remembers that the employee at the bookstore questioned her decision at the time:

I do remember the guy behind the counter asking me if I was sure that I wanted to sell them and that they were in great condition. I said, ‘Yes, I need gas and snacks.’

After her grandmother died in March, Goodwin realized that she wanted to see if she could find the books again. She put out a call on Facebook.

I went into this like it was a Hail Mary, as these books were sold 11 years ago. I figured I would put it out there in the universe, and if it happens, it happens. I didn’t really think much would come of it, but I am a little bit more optimistic now seeing how many people have seen it. Who knows, maybe someone somewhere has just one of them. I was really close to my grandmother; it would mean so much to get even one of them back. If I got one, I would probably bawl like a baby; it would be amazing.

If you would like to help, Goodwin’s Facebook post is embedded below.



We know how much the Harry Potter series means to us, and we wish Goodwin the best!

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