The “Harry Potter” Characters in Quarantine

We’ve all been a bit stuck in quarantine lately, which has sparked a wide variety of reactions. From bingeing TV shows to baking homemade bread, everyone is coping in their own special ways. But how would the Harry Potter characters be handling things if they were stuck in quarantine?


1. Harry Potter

Harry wasn’t paying the slightest bit of attention to the news and probably would have continued to remain mostly oblivious if Hermione hadn’t taken it upon herself to update him. He’s dealing well with the isolation, thanks to his experience with the Dursleys. In fact, he has remained fairly optimistic about the whole thing by pointing out that at least with this, no one is starving him, and he can send and receive letters without issue.




2. Ron Weasley

Ron probably didn’t think the situation was all that serious at first and went into quarantine without that much preparation upon the assumption that it would just be a nice short break from everything. As a result, he ended up scrambling for supplies well after the shelves had been cleaned out. Furthermore, after the novelty wore off, he was quick to start complaining of boredom. He has been tentatively trying to teach himself how to cook to alleviate that boredom, but unfortunately, he doesn’t quite have his mother’s talents, so he often ends up ordering take-out instead.


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3. Hermione Granger

Hermione predicted the severity of the virus long before anyone else did and stocked up for the long haul. She regularly reads the latest reports on research and testing and makes sure to keep Harry and Ron updated as well, even when they don’t actually care. She has also taken the opportunity to catch up on her reading, regularly owl-ordering more books as she runs out.


Hermione Reading



4. Neville Longbottom

Neville spends most of his days in the garden, happy to have time to really sit down and focus on his plants. He has grand plans to expand them, hampered only by the delay in plant deliveries caused by the virus. He worries for his grandmother, of course, but he hasn’t actually said anything to her for fear he’ll offend her sense of pride. He’s considered attempting to create a sourdough starter but is concerned that his failures at potions will carry over into baking.




5. Severus Snape

Snape is unreasonably pleased with the quarantine. Not only does it give him an excuse to hex everyone who attempts to come near him, but it also gives him a break from having to deal with students. He’s firmly of the opinion that schools should remain closed, not out of any concern for the students’ safety, but merely for his own personal pleasure. He has essentially locked himself in the dungeons and has no plans of coming out any time soon.




6. Molly Weasley

Mrs. Weasley spends much of her days fretting about the health of her sons to various degrees. She’s not overly concerned about Percy, who is following lockdown rules to the very letter, but she worries constantly about the twins, whom she is convinced are not taking this seriously enough. She keeps herself busy baking and knitting to send out care packages to anyone she thinks might need them. She also has entered a furious cleaning spree; the Burrow has never looked so good.




7. Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy refuses to wear a mask, and absolutely nobody can make him. Any attempt to remind him about lockdown restrictions sets off a furious tirade about how ridiculous this all is, and how unnecessary, don’t you know who his father is! He complains incessantly about his so-called imprisonment as he mopes about on the vast grounds of Malfoy Manor.


Mikaela Renshaw

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