YuMe to Launch Harry Potter Magical Capsule Collectibles at Walmart’s Collector Con

Toy company YuMe will launch preorders of its newest magical collectible exclusively on Walmart’s website as part of the retail company’s Collector Con on July 17.

Harry Potter Magical Capsules are a mystery bag style collectible, with each Hogwarts crest shaped capsule containing seven miniature items including a Harry Potter character. Collectors will need to use color-coded, heat, and water mechanisms to unlock the character hiding in a secret chamber inside the capsule.


An image of YuMe's new Harry Potter Magical Capsules.


There are ten magical capsules to collect in this first series: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Quidditch Harry, Ginny, Draco, Luna, Cho, Cedric, and Snape (who is the only professor in the series). Among the other items included in the Magical Capsules are the characters wand, a magical creature, and other character-specific items such as textbooks, teacups, potions bottles, and more. Each capsule is set to retail for $9.99.

If you stumble across Harry in your capsule, you will find his wand, Hedwig, a Hogwarts acceptance letter, and a trunk among the additional items. Quidditch Harry features Harry in his Gryffindor Quidditch robes, some broom care essentials, a broomstick, and a Golden Snitch.



Hermione comes with her wand, a History of Magic textbook, quill an inkpot, and a rather grumpy look Crookshanks!



As well as his wand, Ron comes with a Howler, Scabbers, and a potions bottle.



Draco Malfoy comes with an owl, a cauldron, and Hand of Glory. Luna can be found with a copy of the Quibbler, Spectrespecs, and a Thestral. Cedric comes with his Triwizard Golden Egg, a badger, and a copy of the Daily Prophet.


Walmart is holding Collector Con on its website on July 17 to help collectors get their hands on items that are usually only available at conventions. With a large number of conventions canceled this year due to the outbreak of COVID-19, this is a perfect way to get your hands on some exclusive toys and collectibles.

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Press Release

Unlock the Magic with New Harry Potter Magical Capsule Collectibles

YuMe, an award-winning global toy brand, introduces an enchanting new collectible based on the Wizarding World™ with their Harry Potter™ Magical Capsules launching pre-orders exclusively at Walmart.com, as part of the retailer’s Collector Con on July 17, 2020.

Shaped to resemble the iconic Hogwarts’ School crest, the Harry Potter Magical Capsules introduce a new way for fans to show their passion for the Wizarding World. Inside each capsule are seven surprises, including a character from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, hidden within a secret chamber. Through an unboxing journey of discovery, fans will use color-coded, heat, and water-reveal mechanisms to unlock the surprise character inside.

“The incredible and enchanting world of adventure found in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises adds more
than a little magic to fans’ lives," said Michael Kwan, CEO of Maxx Marketing. “We are tremendously excited to extend the sense of awe and wonder that the films are famous for with our Harry Potter Magical Capsules and give fans the opportunity to collect, unbox and showcase the magic found inside of them.”

There are ten Harry Potter Magical Capsules to collect in series one with iconic characters such as Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Snape and many more. Each capsule also includes a wand, a fantastic beast pet, and three other surprise accessories. Each capsule will retail for $9.99

Harry Potter Magical Capsules are an extension to the successful line of Harry Potter products from YuMe in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products which also includes YuMe Harry Potter Real Talking Sorting Hat™ which left fans spellbound in 2018.

YuMe’s Harry Potter Magical Capsules will launch as part of Walmart’s Collector Con, the retailers initiative to allow fans to continue to build their collections with products normally only available at fan conventions across the country.


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