I Answered Random “Harry Potter” Questions from Quora

In one of my Internet spirals, I came across Quora. Specifically, I came across all the questions put on Quora about Harry Potter. There were some intriguing ones, some laughable ones, and some rather pointed ones about the nature of the Harry Potter fandom. Here are my two cents – please enjoy the ensuing chaos.


1. Does Harry Potter know how to Apparate?

When I first read this question, my inner monologue exploded with a gigantic “of course!” After all, who can forget the frustrating yet funny Apparition course lead by Wilkie Twycross? But then I considered this question from the point of view of somebody who had only watched the movies. We never see Harry Apparate by himself, only via side-along Apparition. So yes, Harry Potter knows how to Apparate, but he can only legally practice Apparition after the age of 17 and after obtaining a license.


2. How different would Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire be if they were written by George R.R. Martin and J.K. Rowling respectively?

Different – very, very different. If George R.R. Martin had written Harry Potter, there would be even more death and a whole lot more violence. Additionally, it is quite possible that the series would never have been finished. It is an interesting comparison, since there is a surprising amount of death in both series, and the two authors do love to entwine exciting mystery elements within their fantasy worlds.


Bookworm Meme



3. Should I read the Harry Potter series considering the fact that I have already seen the movies numerous times?

Absolutely! Reading the Harry Potter series is a completely different experience, and you will be blown away with all the extra detail and plot points that make the book experience so much more vivid. My advice: If you love the movies, then check out the books – at the very least, you will understand both sides of the books vs. movies debate.


4. I’m 21. Am I too old to read/watch the Harry Potter series for the first time?

Of course not! Never! As a person who is more than slightly addicted to rereading the Harry Potter series, I can tell you that with age, you’ll just enjoy and understand the nuances and themes of the series more. It is possible that you’ll find the language of the first two books to be simpler, but it is a bit like rewatching old Disney movies. There’s nothing wrong with a grown adult sitting down to rewatch The Lion King – in fact, it might be us adults who cry even more at Mufasa’s death.


5. Is Harry Potter a fiction or non-fiction book?

Well, there is some startling new scientific evidence that proves the existence…. No. Sorry; Harry Potter is fiction, and some people (myself included) need to accept that their Hogwarts letters have not just gotten lost in the postal system for over ten years. Don’t be too disheartened, however; I think some of the beauty of Harry Potter is the real-life lessons it provides – about friendship, family, and the struggle to do what is right against the forces of prejudice, intolerance, and even our own fears.


6. Why do Harry Potter book fans hate/dislike the Harry Potter movies?

Look, it is not that the movies are terrible. They do have their strong points, and it’s great that the movies have enabled many Harry Potter fans to find their way into the fandom. However, like many book-to-movie adaptations, there are always scenes, lines of dialogue, and whole plot points that are re-arranged or left on the cutting room floor. So please forgive us if sometimes we need to vent over the fact that Peeves never appears or that half of Ron’s lines are given to Hermione. It’s just what we need to do.


DVD cut out of book



7. Why didn’t Harry Potter marry Hermione Granger?

This is more obvious in the books than the movies. Relationships in the Harry Potter series are often quite complicated, but what it boils down to is that Harry’s close relationship with Hermione is on a brother-sister level rather than anything romantic. And while some people ask this question as a result of their bafflement over Ron and Hermione’s relationship, I think it all comes down to the idea that love is at times illogical and doesn’t always make sense to an outsider.




8. Why do some Harry Potter fans (many who are now in their 20s) tend to live in a “Harry Potter reality,” where they spend hours discussing theories, hypothetical situations, and writing or reading fan fiction? Why can’t they just enjoy it as fiction?

Me: …



On a more serious note, I think that Harry Potter fans simply love to invest in this community and franchise. All these activities listed above do really help people find that sense of community in the fandom, just as being part of a sports team might also bring people joy and shared excitement. I think it speaks to the power of this series that such a following has emerged and continues to be celebrated by people all around the world.

Emily Lawrence

I was first handed my mum’s copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on my eighth birthday, and I’ve never looked back. As a proud Hufflepuff and part of the Australian-Weasley branch, I hope to one-day walk in the footsteps of J.K. Rowling and write my own magical stories. No matter where life takes me, Harry Potter will always be home.