Signed First Edition of “Sorcerer’s Stone” Is Up for Sale with Proceeds to Benefit LGBTQIA+ Nonprofit

Sharon Levin, the founder of the Bay Area Children’s Literature List, is selling her 1998 first-edition copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, signed by J.K. Rowling and Mary GrandPré, on eBay.

All proceeds of this sale will benefit an LGBTQIA+ nonprofit, and the starting bid is set to US$4,000. If you have the Galleons to spend to help out an amazing cause, now is the time. The condition of this first-edition copy is like new. Sharon has spoken out on her Twitter page that she wants to use the work of J.K. Rowling herself to benefit the community the author has targeted and hurt. She has also asked for boosts on social media and suggestions of nonprofits. The listing on eBay shows the amazing condition of this book and the signatures.


"Sorcerer's Stone" first American edition

The print inside of the first edition of “Sorcerer’s Stone” in 1998


Title page of "Sorcerer's Stone" with signatures

J.K. Rowling’s and Mary GrandPré’s signatures on the title page of “Sorcerer’s Stone”


The bidding will close for this prize item on Tuesday, July 14. Check out the listing and get your bid in today to help out the LGBTQIA+ nonprofit world.

Brittany Bennett

A proud Hufflepuff and nerd beyond measure, Harry Potter has always been the series I call home.