BREAKING NEWS – WETS Protests & Bin It Boycott During the Wizolympics 2020 Opening Ceremony

This is Amadeus Corvus-Pes Venator reporting to you live from Kahaku Dome at the 492nd Wizolympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

In an unusual move, Wizards for the Ethical Treatment of Squibs (WETS) began its protests during the Opening Ceremonies of the Wizolympic Games. A WETS representative said there are no plans for these protests to stop until certain conditions are met. Squibs have declared they will boycott the Bin It to Win it event unless the International Wizolympic Committee (IWC) provides protective equipment for the event.

This protest is led by Ira Tater’s sister Russetta Tater. Ira was taken back to Azkaban for breaking her original sentence from the Sochi Games and her antics at the Rio Games. Russetta has a calmer approach since she has created a coalition aimed at collective action, including this peaceful protest. Ira Tater has a history of civil disobedience that includes casting an Unforgivable Curse at Sochi and interrupting Bin It to Win It during the Rio Games. But perhaps this Tater has some ideas for mild mayhem later in the week inspired by her sister.

There were more witches, wizards, and Squibs participating together than any previous WETS protest. Witches were casting Bubble-Head Charms onto the Squib protestors to help protect them. Denmark even sent its delegation of LEGOs to join the protest once they were done with the Opening Ceremony. These growing crowds reflect the tensions between magical governments and Squibs. The catalyst for these protests was when the IWC announced that centaurs were given an archery event and then released its safety measures for this year’s Games, which excluded protective measures for Squibs.

Squibs declared they will boycott Bin It to Win It unless certain conditions are met. These conditions range from recognition of certain rights to protective equipment during the Bin It to Win It event. Douglas Barry-Wallingford, a Squib from New Zealand, was slated to compete. He told me, “While centaurs can prance around the Games as equal competitors, Squibs are still seen as glorified garbage collectors. Then they announce they are not even going to make sure we’re properly protected from a disease that affects us Squibs worse than the wizards. It’s insulting, the whole lot of it.”

However, Squibs want recognition beyond the Wizolympic Games. Squibs have never been allowed to meet with government officials to discuss ways for Squibs to have an education and career within the wizarding world. Tensions between Squibs and the wizarding world grew earlier this year when the Hogsmeade Business Bureau refused Moira Mae Macmillan’s application to open a convenience store called Bits & Bobs. The items she hoped to sell would help people who live in the wizarding world regardless of magical ability or age. Macmillan wanted to sell a handheld game called Tamagotchi and a toy called Skip-It for young children.



Macmillan hopes these toys will “give magically raised children more ways to learn all about the world. Children learn responsibly and improve their hand-eye coordination by playing with toys.” Macmillan also plans to sell pens, pencils, and calculators for arithmancy for Hogwarts students. Other proposed items for this store are Walkmans, headphones, and cassette tapes that can either play music or record your favorite WWN program. This store would not require a magical owner. Yet Macmillan’s application was denied because she is a Squib.

Ann O’Nymous, from Inishmaan, was set to compete in Bin It to Win It for the first time. She decided to boycott Bin It to Win It after news broke of Macmillan’s denied business application. She said, “It is offensive that wizards have so much control over the lives of Squibs when their education is so dismal on all things outside of spells and potions. For example, these wizards don’t even know that Kahaku Dome is not a dome but a polyhedron.”

Wizards, witches, and Squibs from across the world are united in spreading a message of Squib acceptance and protection in society. Some protesters are carrying signs that say, “Boycott Bin It to Win It,” ”Include Squibs in the sequel,” “Squibs are still people,” “Squibs making good trouble,” or “Squibs get the dirty jobs done.” A protestor believed to be Moira Mae’s brother Ernie was seen with a sign declaring, “Moira Mae for Minister.”

Ajax Estanich is a recent graduate from Durmstrang Institute. He became active in WETS after hearing about one of his coworker’s Squib siblings who has struggled to find full-time work for the past ten years. He commented, “It’s so unfair. I had so many job prospects, yet Squibs are not afforded any sort of career support, recognition, or aid, even though their family, their heritage, is magical.” Estanich hopes the IWC will work with WETS and Squib representatives to make Bin it to Win it happen at the Tokyo Games.

There is no comment yet from the IWC. We at the Daily Prophet will keep you updated on events surrounding the protests throughout the coming days.