Year 2 of “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” Introduces SOS Training

Can you believe that we have been playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for just over a year? On June 21, 2019, we chose our Hogwarts Houses, wands, and professions before taking to the streets with our phones to discover fantastic beasts, magical objects, and more.

In fact, to celebrate this milestone, Niantic, Inc. and Portkey Games released an infographic that showed the accomplishments of players in the game’s first year. Players returned 5 billion traces, paid 2 billion visits to points of interest, and walked 400 million kilometers. That’s a lot of steps!



To welcome in the second year of Wizards Unite, a new feature called SOS (Statute of Secrecy) Training will be introduced later this July. SOS Training will help players develop their skills by unlocking lessons and tracking their development through the SOS Task Force Appraisal.



Soon, players at Level 4 and above will have access to never-before-seen lessons that will allow them to invest in skills that they feel will be useful to their playing style:

  • Departure Denial, which reduces the chances that Foundables will flee
  • Field Charms, which can be cast directly on the Map to reveal nearby bonus rewards, including rare Traces and Potion ingredients
  • Mastery, which helps make your spells even more powerful
  • Potion Brewing Enhancements, which help boost the strength of your concoctions and reduce the time it takes to make them
  • Reward Upgrades, which increase the output and rarity of rewards received from Inns, Greenhouses, Fortresses, and even Family Chests

Along with the new lessons, the SOS Task Force will be providing three new resources for players to collect and use: Field Guides, Ministry Manuals, and Defence Against the Dark Arts Books.



There isn’t an exact date yet for when SOS Training will be rolled out, but we will be waiting eagerly for its arrival!

Did your gameplay contribute to the incredible first-year accomplishments of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Which of the new SOS Training skills will be most helpful to you?

Press Release

Unleash Your Full Magical Potential With All-New SOS Training

Witches and wizards,

Get ready to level up your Calamity-kicking skills with all-new training provided by the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. With SOS Training you’ll learn entirely new magical skills with useful benefits to aid you on your adventures.

Every witch or wizard, level 4 and above, regardless of selected Profession, will soon be granted access to a set of new SOS Training skill trees full of never-before-seen lessons. By unlocking these lessons you’ll gain access to skills that have far-ranging effects that can’t be found anywhere else. It’s up to you to decide what skills to invest in based on your own personal playstyle.

Perhaps some of your spells have been feeling a little lacklustre? Mastery will increase the power of your spells and help you better trounce those meddlesome Confoundables. Finding Fawkes a little too eager to flee? Departure Denial reduces the chance that a flighty Foundable escapes after you cast a spell. Fancy improving your Potion-brewing skills to levels even Professor Snape would be proud of? Potions Effect boosts the strength of your Potions and Brew Time Reduction shortens how long it takes to brew them.

Through SOS Training you can also unlock a set of new spells that you invoke directly on the Map called Field Charms. Cast the Trace Charm on existing Traces to reveal even more Traces nearby. Cast the Inn Charm on Inns to generate additional Spell Energy on the Map. Cast the Greenhouse Charm on, you guessed it, Greenhouses, to conjure rare Potion Ingredients. While you alone can see the extra Traces revealed by your Trace Charms, all nearby players can take advantage of the bonus Spell Energy and Potion Ingredients from anyone’s Inn and Greenhouse Charms so be sure to coordinate with fellow players for optimal benefits.

What’s the key to unlocking all of these unique skills? Continuing to develop your magical potential as a wizard in the SOS Task Force of course! To help with your professional development, the SOS Task Force will be providing Field Guides, Ministry Manuals and Defense Against the Dark Arts Books, three new resources you can collect and use alongside existing Restricted Section Books to unlock these new skills. The best part is, Field Guides and Ministry Manuals can be obtained from doing the same things you’ve already been doing—returning Foundables and placing images in the Registry, and Defense Against the Dark Arts Books can be earned by participating in in-game events.

Are you ready to expand your magical horizons with SOS Training? Stay tuned for more information this month. Year two of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is here!

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