Chesterfield Beauty Salon Filled from Top to Bottom with All Things “Harry Potter”

Professional hairstylist Jodie Evell combined her career with an entire Harry Potter collection. The Chesterfield, England-based salon is decorated from floor to ceiling with photos, collectibles, and themed wallpaper. Evell says making One Nine Three Hair and Beauty her Harry Potter hotspot was a “labor of love.”



The Harry Potter books and films are so popular because they allow people to escape from their normal everyday life. The magic, the colours, the spells, it just brings out that little kid in all of us again and we all want to be believe that the magic is real. So when I got my own salon, I knew I wanted to create something special, somewhere people could come and escape to. Most salons I have been in and worked at all have the same feel. I wanted to create something completely different.

Evell had her salon for two years before she decided to make the place something really special. Sam Green, a hairdresser at the salon, helped make the dream come true. It all started with a couple of pieces of art on the walls to make the salon feel more at home, and it took off from there. The salon spans over three stories, and it seems every inch is covered in paraphernalia. The entranceway greets guests with potion bottles and a full wall decorated like the Marauder’s Map. Little footprints run their way up the side of the wall next to it.

The explosion of color really makes the whole thing come together. Four big flags hang from the ceiling in one of the rooms. Each flag represents one of the Hogwarts Houses.



The wall decor is, simply put, gorgeous. One room is covered in what looks like a hundred small Marauder’s Maps. Another room has book pages that look like they were pulled from the binding and stuck right on the wall. One of the stairways mimics the walls of Hogwarts. Portraits of witches and wizards run all the way up. Albus Dumbledore is among the photos as well.



The Forbidden Forest even made its way to the One Nine Three Hair and Beauty salon. In the corner of the room, you can even get a glimpse of a little figure of Dobby behind a tree.

My favourite room is the Forbidden Forest. When you are inside, you feel like you are in a completely different world. It doesn’t feel like Chesterfield anymore; you could be anywhere.

Not only does she love the decor, but Jodie Evell also says it’s much more than that.

I am from Chesterfield, and I am passionate about where I live, and I am so pleased to have created something so special for the area. I just want people to know about and come and see it. I believe in magic, and when you come, you will feel it too.

Good job to Jodie Evell and Sam Green for creating an unforgettable experience while getting your hair done!


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