Molly Weasley Makes Magical Refreshments: Five Summer Drinks to Brighten Your Day

It’s still summer, and perhaps what we all need at this point are some relaxing refreshments to cool us down. Luckily, Mrs. Weasley put together this list of great summer refreshments for our enjoyment. Don’t be alarmed – there are some non-alcoholic options for those under the legal drinking age, and all are delicious.


1. Summer Butterbeer Mocktail

Who doesn’t love a nice brew of butterbeer? It’s pretty much any wizard or witch’s staple drink. Although known for being a nice warming drink for those cold, frosty days in Hogsmeade, this summer brew is ice cold and delightfully light and bubbly. Who says you can’t enjoy butterbeer all year round?



For variations including hot and alcoholic versions, check out the original recipe here.


2. Growling Gryffindor Daiquiris

To celebrate her Gryffindor-saturated family, how could Molly go past this vivid red classic? Full of freshness and tang, this drink is perfect for those long summer evenings by the pool or at the beach.




3. Sherbet Lemon Drop

For when those visitors like Dumbledore drop in unannounced, this drink is a perfect crowd-pleaser. Acidic and fun, the addition of sherbet adds a sweet note to this bright, mouth-puckering cocktail.




4. Goblin Tongue: Raspberry and Mint Mojito

Bright, tangy, and smooth, this drink dubbed “Goblin’s Tongue” is a mysterious mixture of freshness, tartness, and old-fashioned elegance. Be careful, however, since too many of these will easily have you speaking Gobbledygook for the rest of the night!


Caption Contest, week of September 15, 2019




5. Rubber Duck Pond: Blue Fizz Mocktail

In honor of the wonderful Arthur Weasley, this wonderfully-presented, non-alcoholic beverage is both sweet and exciting. This one certainly proves that there is more than one use for a rubber duck!




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